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  • Mussel Float

    Alongside its mainstream industrial packaging activities, Gem Plastics manufactures other blow moulded articles for industrial and consumer applications.

  • Gem - Mussel Float

    Gem - Mussel Float

    The Gem Mussel Float was designed with the purpose of playing a pivotal role in the cultivation of mussel spat on ropes suspended from twin anchorage points on the float, positioned top and bottom. A special valve is fitted to allow air pressurisation before and during use. This feature ensures that both shape and buoyancy are preserved in all marine conditions. Compared to the method of dredging mussels from the seabed, the Gem float offers a a...

  • Open Top Drums

    Gem Plastics produces a complete range of Open Top drums, with removable lids, in six capacities from 30 litres up to 220 litres. The 30 and 60 litre sizes are fitted with Gem's patented drop handles system that provides enhanced safety and security benefits.

  • Gem - Open Top - Robust Large Aperture Drums

    Gem - Open Top - Robust Large Aperture Drums

    These robust large aperture drums are fitted with a high density (HDPE) lid, fastened by a galvanised steel closing ring, that can be security sealed, ensuring the highest degree of protection for the goods throught the supply chain.

  • L-Ring Drums

  • Gem - 210 litre L-Ring Closed Heead Drum

    Gem - 210 litre L-Ring Closed Heead Drum

    Gem's traditional 210 litre L-Ring Closed Heead drum, with its two handling rings, has an excellent record in providing safe and reliable transport packaging for a host of liquid filling applications. Time and again, it has shown that it can do the job of the steel drums it has replace equally well, whilst introducing many importnats functional advantages in the process.

  • Gem - Model MHX L-Ring - Closed Head Drum

    Gem - Model MHX L-Ring - Closed Head Drum

    Gem's second generation MHX L-Ring Closed Head drum is a one ring design, that was brough into being in response to internatuional calls for packaging wste minimisation. This model answers those concerns, with reduced weight for higher performance and improved emptying to allow it to be recycled more effectively.

  • Jerricans

  • Gem - 10 litre Stackable Jerrican

    Gem - 10 litre Stackable Jerrican

    UN Tested and certified as free-standing packaging, Gem's 10 litre Stackable Jerrican gives fillers and end-users a trusty measure of assurance about its performance for smaller packaging filling purposes. Modern processing technology ensures that the container retains maximum strength, safety and reliability in service.

  • Gem - Model 20-CP9 - 20 litre Jerrican

    Gem - Model 20-CP9 - 20 litre Jerrican

    Designed for those fillers of liquid products looking to optimise their pallet utilisation, storage spoace and shipping costs, combined with consideration of lighter manuals handling weights, Gem's newest addition to its range comes up with the complete answer.