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  • Foundry - Vibratory Conveyors

  • Under-Mill Oscillator

    Under-Mill Oscillator

    General Kinematics Under Mill Oscillators are specifically designed to handle the severe conditions found underneath auto-shredders. Heavy-duty wear resistant troughs handle the impact of falling material while the exclusive General Kinematics Syncro-Shear drive is designed to handle the force of even the largest explosions without damage to the conveyor.

  • TRENCHVEYOR - Pit-Mounted Trench Conveyor

    TRENCHVEYOR - Pit-Mounted Trench Conveyor

    The General Kinematics TRENCHVEYOR vibratory trench mounted conveyor is designed to reduce pit size and maintenance hassles. All machinery is located above the vibratory pan, with drive components mounted above the floor for easy access.

  • Foundry - Sand Cooling Equipment

  • Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

    Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

    General Kinematics vibratory fluid bed sand coolers are specially designed for evaporative cooling or drying of foundry sand. Air distribution decks are engineered to provide complete control of airflow for exceptional drying or cooling efficiency.

  • Foundry - Sand Handling And Reclamation

  • Two-Mass - Vibratory Screens

    Two-Mass - Vibratory Screens

    General Kinematics Two-Mass Screens are unequalled in efficiency and performance. GK’s proven two-mass drive system reduces electrical consumption and increases screening efficiency over traditional direct drive (brute force) designs. Options include replaceable decks, multiple decked units, banana style decks, and special corrosion resistant finishes. GK Two-Mass screens are available in standard and custom sizes to easily fit into existing...

  • VIBRA-LIFT - Vibratory Elevator

    VIBRA-LIFT - Vibratory Elevator

    General Kinematics all new VIBRA-LIFT vibratory elevator transports granular material vertically in an easy to use, low maintenance vibratory device. With product flow up to 8 tph, the VIBRA-LIFT can elevate your flowable solid product to gain elevation height in your process. Units are ideal for material that exceed the recommended temperatures of traditional bucket elevators.

  • GK Mining / Minerals Products

  • Two-Mass - Banana Screens

    Two-Mass - Banana Screens

    General Kinematics Two-Mass Banana Screens do more work with less energy. Using a Two-Mass drive system reduces required  horsepower by up to two-thirds, and eliminates large motors, belts, and bearings found in direct drive designs.Custom designed to your process, GK's screens can include multiple decks using any style of screen surface.

  • GK Bulk Process Products - Fluid Bed Processor

  • Model V2 - Variable Vector Fluid Bed Processor Drive

    Model V2 - Variable Vector Fluid Bed Processor Drive

    General Kinematics all new V2 Variable Vector Fluid Bed Processor drive brings material processing to the next level. The V2 Variable Vector technology allows you to quickly adjust product retention time to maximize contact of the process air stream. Easy to program controller allows single button adjustment, or can be tied into existing control systems for automated process control.

  • Vibratory Elutriators

    Vibratory Elutriators

    General Kinematics Vibratory Elutriators combine vibration with air classification for separating materials of different densities. The collection efficiency of General Kinematics elutriators is maximized through the use of vibratory energy which stratifies the product and conveys it through the process. Once stratified, the lighter density material naturally rises to the top of the material stream and is ejected upwards into the exhaust hood of the...

  • Fluid Bed Processor Additive Spray Coating

    Fluid Bed Processor Additive Spray Coating

    The General Kinematics spray coating feature works in conjunction with the General Kinematics fluidized bed processors. It provides superior dispersion of a wide range of additives in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutcal industries. Typical applications include a broad category of granular solid and powder materials.