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  • GIAMPI - Model Series Star 1600/200 - Harvester

    GIAMPI - Model Series Star 1600/200 - Harvester

    Harvesting machine mod. Star 1600/2000 are machines that must be installed on all types of tractors. They are designed to the collection of hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, olives, coffee and all kinds of fruit on the ground. It is suitable for medium and large companies and it is not afraid of moist grasslands and endorsed. Harvesting is done mechanically unlike the normal suction machines through a transverse brush. In this...

  • GIAMPI - Combing Fork

    GIAMPI - Combing Fork

    COMBING FORK with Hydraulic Support for tractor. It is made with steel caps and also with double folding plungers to enable and facilitate the movement, unloading and stacking of pruning. COMBING FORK simple for TRACTOR without Hydraulic Support. The combing fork, in the version without hydraulic system is installed directly on three-point triggered of the tractor.

  • GIAMPI - Agricultural Sprayer

    GIAMPI - Agricultural Sprayer

    The agricultural Sprayer is a a piece of equipment that spray nozzles to apply fungicides and other things, it sprays the mixture of pesticide in water and directs it on the crop to be treated. In aero-convention sprayers the drops of the compound pulverized by the nozzles, are directed on the crop to be processed through an air flow generated by the group air intake / fan. In a pneumatic nebulizers guarantees nebulization,...

  • GIAMPI - Model VEGA 15 - VEGA 30 - Dessicator

    GIAMPI - Model VEGA 15 - VEGA 30 - Dessicator

    Dessicators mod. VEGA 15 e VEGA 30 allow the drying of products in shell (hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia etc.) with a simple and inexpensive solution as the bottom of the tank drying (containing hot air) is equal to one third of the volume of the tank itself. This allows you to get the perfect drying of the product in a shorter time and with lower power...