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  • GVF - GVF Equipment - Hedgers, Toppers, and Skirters

  • GVF - Front Mount Hedger Skirter

    GVF - Front Mount Hedger Skirter

    Heavy tubular steel construction with rigid tractor mount. Electric/Hydraulic controls for ease of installation and operator comfort. Movement of cutter head: Tilt 110° Cutting heads can be set along side of tractor for transporting. Recommended cutting capacity of up to 1 1/2” diameter limbs. Proven dual sickle drive system. Hedging and skirting capabilities: Side hedge to 12’ (with 7’ bar), Skirt as low as 12”, Flat top...

  • GVF Equipment

  • GVF - Handle and Dump Agricultural Bins

    GVF - Handle and Dump Agricultural Bins

    Standard Features Include: 48' Width. Heavy duty construction. Fast, smooth forward dumping action. Excellent visibility. 135° Tilt forward. Adjustable bin heights. Clamp and dump all sequenced requiring one valve function to do everything. Works with class I, II, & III carriage mounts. Options Custom bin dimensions.

  • GVF - Flex Wing Mower

    GVF - Flex Wing Mower

    GVF has designed and manufactured a 13 ft. flex wing mower. We started with a 15 ft. Bush Hog Batwing and built our own smaller wing sections. The wings are not cut down but built from scratch right here at Gillison’s. The unit features a deck ring, perma level hitches and a three-year gearbox warranty.

  • GVF - Roto Spray

    GVF - Roto Spray

    285° rotation lets you take advantage of the wind conditions at all times. A baffled air head with four air outlets enables you to get even coverage throughout the spray pattern.