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  • BeneSacc - Animal Feed

    BeneSacc - Animal Feed

    BENESACC is an all-natural source of viable yeast culture containing a specific strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically selected for its positive effect on animal health and performance. This strain is registered at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures by GLOBAL NUTRITECH. BENESACC has a low inclusion rate. Its mode of action is well understood, and DNA fingerprinting ensures a consistent pure strain in every batch.

  • CalfRite - Natural Product

    CalfRite - Natural Product

    CALFRITE is a natural product that contains energy, protein, amino acids, vitamins, chelated and inorganic trace minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics specifically formulated to improve the health and growth of calves. Every female calf born at the farm is an opportunity to increase or keep size of herd, increase genetic potential of the herd and improve economical returns to the farm. By adding CALFRITE, the health, growth and productivity of calves...

  • Farm Ready - Beef Natural Feed

    Farm Ready - Beef Natural Feed

    FARM READY DAIRY and FARM READY BEEF are natural feed additives for dairy and beef cows specifically formulated and manufactured by GLOBAL NUTRITECH to increase milk production and quality, increase reproductive performance, increase the overall health of your cows, decrease foot problems, increase daily weight gain, and increase quality of meat. FARM READY DAIRY and FARM READY BEEF contain 3 different natural constituents that have different functions...

  • ForageZyme - Formulated Enzyme Mix Feed

    ForageZyme - Formulated Enzyme Mix Feed

    FORAGEZYME is a specially formulated enzyme mix that will increase both the fiber digestion rate and extent in ruminants. The enzymes in FORAGEZYME target the hemicellulose and cellulose found on plant cell surface, and then break these fiber fractions down. Therefore, bacteria that digest fiber in the rumen can attach to plant cell surfaces more easily and have better access to the plant’s parts.

  • GlobalMix - Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Feed

    GlobalMix - Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Feed

    Livestock and poultry are healthier and higher performing with the right vitamin and mineral nutrition. Our GLOBALMIX delivers the optimal vitamin and mineral nutrition necessary to achieve both better animal performance and better welfare and health of your animals. GLOBALMIX can also be custom blended to an individual farms specific needs.

  • InnoPlex - Amino Acid/Trace Mineral Feed

    InnoPlex - Amino Acid/Trace Mineral Feed

    INNOPLEX is an amino acid/trace mineral chelate that is used to improve animal health, productivity, performance and profitability in all groups of animals. Our INNOPLEX products come in several different amino acid/trace mineral chelate forms: