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    Initially, our equipment was designed for grading chicory roots, under working conditions which are particularly testing for the equipment. Our design has been continually improved over time in order to offer you a highly robust and reliable piece of equipment. We now have the answer to your grading needs for numerous applications for long crops such as carrots, long-rooted vegetables, bulbs etc.

  • Chicories Vat System

    Chicories Vat System

    The oxygen supply of the root is the most difficult factor to optimize in agriculture. In hydroponic,in general, its conditions the value of hydroponic system used. Mr.COÏC & Mrs LESAINT. The chicories vats by Godé was made to increase oxygenation and reduce overflowing. The chicories vats was conceived according to the specification established on à 03/04/96 by the FNPE/CTIFL. The vat meets your requirements to increase your...

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  • Vide Big Bag

    Vide Big Bag

    When partial emptying of big bags of fertilizer, seeds, minerals ....  Tool designed for high corrosion resistance and allowing a large flow. No need buckets or knives and less fatigue with the VID BAG