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  • Goizper - Model PGI - Intermittent Index Units

    Goizper - Model PGI - Intermittent Index Units

    The constructive principle of the intermittent revolving units, with a large positioning diameter, allows the transmission of large dynamic torques, which enables them to move large loads at a high speed. The support unit has a large surface area for the moving unit, giving the installation great stability. They also have a large fixed shaft that is hollow for passing electric, pneumatic conductors, etc. and are normally used in robotised welding...

  • Goizper - Model UIPE-UIP - Parallel Shaft Index Units

    Goizper - Model UIPE-UIP - Parallel Shaft Index Units

    Their design allows index mechanisms to be made combining a wide range of numbers of stops, oscillation angles, acceleration curves and transfer and idling. It is possible to mount the index unit on either of its sides, which come machined and with anchoring holes factory prepared. All of this along with their precision means that they are used in different applications like tool changers, assembly machines, automated handling systems; applications...

  • Spraying

  • Electric Back Sprayer

    Electric Back Sprayer

    An electric back sprayer with a 15-litre capacity. Fibreglass lance with adjustable blue conic nozzle. Membrane pump (allows powders that can be wetted). Light and ergonomic design with padded and adjustable straps. Ergonomic handle. Shaker function. Translucent tank with level indicator.

  • Compression Sprayer

    Compression Sprayer

    A compression sprayer with a 4-litre working capacity, fibreglass lance, ergonomic handle, filter with viton seals and stainless steel spring, viton chamber shut-off valve and device for holding with the feet while pressurising.

  • Doser - Evolution Spraying

    Doser - Evolution Spraying

    Doser is a device specially designedby Goizper for applying liquids in adosified way.8 position 10-75 ml (cc.).adjustable doser. Quick, Easy and Effortless Calibration. Translucent side level indicator.Ergonomic knapsack doser. Adjustable padded strap.

  • Goizper - Model Polmax - A 9-litre Back Duster

    Goizper - Model Polmax - A 9-litre Back Duster

    A 9-litre back duster with a wide range of uses: from ant products to sulphur-based fungicides. It stands out as light with a large filling mouth and hermetic seal. High output. Powder doser. Output by flexible pipe and directional diffuser.