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  • Diesel Motors and Fans

    Diesel Motors and Fans

    Grainair carries diesel motors and fans coupled with a John Deere Motor. The later is a model 1190A that is coupled with an 80 HP John Deere Motor. Developing 12,000 litres of air per second at 6 inches water gauge pressure at 1800 revs. This fan has been developed where power is unavailable. The model shown has smaller fuel tank offering about 10 hrs endurance.

  • Grain Ducts and Ductwork

    Grain Ducts and Ductwork

    Grainair has pioneered the use Poly ductwork Designed to be strong and resilient. We fabricate all fitting and fan transitions from Polycarbonate, which means no more dented or rusting steel. Designed with slide in slide out fittings (no bolts to loose). All our Poly products are UV resistant can be stored in the full sunlight when not in use.