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  • Rollers

  • Grays - 3-Point Linkage Rolls

    Grays - 3-Point Linkage Rolls

    All Grays 20' (500mm) diameter rollers can be ordered with three point linkage fittings as an alternative to the standard towbar system, or to special order with towbar and 3-point linkage fittings.

  • Grays - Model 20 & 30 - Diameter Rolls

    Grays - Model 20 & 30 - Diameter Rolls

    Grays 20' diameter general purpose rolls, ideal for lighter seedbed rolling and for sports fields, are manufactured in widths from 4ft to 9ft (1.22m to 2.47m). The cylinders are of ¼' (6mm) thick plate and apply rolling weights from 90lbs/foot width (135kg/metre) when empty to 230lbs/ foot width (340kg/mettre) when fully ballasted. A parking stand is fitted as standard. Grays 30' (760mm) diameter 'Stonepress' grassland rollers are the most...

  • Grays - Model 39 & 48 - Diameter Rolls

    Grays - Model 39 & 48 - Diameter Rolls

    Grays 39 (1.0m) diameter rollers are some 45% heavier than their 30 inch cousins and are designed to level even large flat surface stones, they are made of rolling widths of 8ft to 12ft (2.44m to 3.66m). The mighty Grays 48' (1.2m) diameter rollers, designed to produce extremely high rolling weights, can be ballasted up to in excess of 5 tons. This model is available at rolling widths of 8ft and 10ft (2.44m and 3.05m). Both the 39' and 48' rolls are...

  • Grays - Slitters & Harrows

  • Grays - Disc & S-Tine Multi-Harrow

    Grays - Disc & S-Tine Multi-Harrow

    Grays 'Multi-Harrow' Seedbed Culitivators break most rough ploughed land down to a fine-tilth seedbed in one pass, ready for drilling; saving time, labour and fuel. To this is added the advantages of less ground compaction from a one pass operation, plus a work rate high enough to help you complete cultivations when the weather and soil conditions are most favourable.

  • Grays - Levelling Harrow

    Grays - Levelling Harrow

    At the lower end of Grays range of cereal seedbed cultivators is the Levelling Harrow. This simple, economically priced cultivator is designed for lighter, more easily worked soils and for the ploughed land which has been broken down by winter frosts - for conditions where there is no need for heavier more complex cultivation equipment. Grays Levelling Harrow has a rigid (adjustable) front levelling bar angled rearwards to grade the soil. This is...

  • Grays - Pasture Slitter

    Grays - Pasture Slitter

    Aeration of grassland helps to prevent slurry run-off, encourages strong root growth, improves fertiliser 'take-up' and generally assists in a wide range of aspects of grassland maintenance. Grays Pasture Slitter is a rugged, heavy aerating roller, fitted with hardened steel blades which offer clean-cut performance woth prolonged blade-life. Penetration to a depth of up to 7 ½' can be achieved. The drum is water ballasted to enable the operator...

  • Buckrakes and Stoneforks

  • Grays - Model SGH10 - Heavy Duty Push-off Buckrakes

    Grays - Model SGH10 - Heavy Duty Push-off Buckrakes

    Grays Heavy Duty Push-off Buckrakes are available in three widths and five models and are manufactured using robust backframe and a simple but effective pendulum-type swivel linkage ensuring long and trouble free service. The SGH10 (2.03m wide) with ten 54inch (1.4m) heavy duty tines and the SCH12 (2.36m wide) with twelve 54inch (1.4m) heavy duty tines are fitted with a double-acting ram.

  • Grays - Model 2m-wide - Heavy Duty Stoneforks

    Grays - Model 2m-wide - Heavy Duty Stoneforks

    Grays Stoneforks are supplied as standard with 3 point linkage fitting for either the rear linkage or a front linkage if available. All the tines are high quality heat treated tines mounted in full length tapered collars. The 2m-wide model has 19 in the bottom section at 4. 1/8' spacing giving 2. ½' gap between the tines at the rear with further 4 tines on each sides. The 1.7m-wide Economy model has 12 tines in the bottom dection at 5.11/16'...