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  • Model 920E - GreensGroomer for Natural Turf

    Model 920E - GreensGroomer for Natural Turf

    The Second Generation GreensGroomer raises the bar on performance and efficiency. The patent-pending design increases the effective surface area and improves brush angles which translates into significant performance gains. These changes force topdressing deeper into the canopy, creating a healthier turf system more quickly. The new design also improves the breakup of aeration cores without the need for an additional pass. The Second Generation design...

  • Model 944HDE - FairwayGroomer

    Model 944HDE - FairwayGroomer

    The FairwayGroomer effectively doubles the working width of the GreensGroomer for Natural Turf unit in a compact, adjustable method. The wings “float” along-side the main frame with the same patent-pending brush layout without gaps in the brushing area. Equipped with Heavy Duty White Brushes, the bristle stiffness is designed for use on fairways, to breakdown aeration cores quickly. The large, twelve foot span simplifies and reduces the...