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  • Potato Systems/Planters

  • Model GL 32E - 2-Row Cup Planter

    Model GL 32E - 2-Row Cup Planter

    The lightweight and compact planter, GL 32E is easy to operate, low on maintenance and for the use with small tractors (min 37 kW). The planter benefits from the practical detailed solution of the innovative planting elements of the GL 30-series. A highly visible planting element, combining safe planting of oversized potatoes, accurate planting distance with easy adjustment, Another feature is the excellent flexibility. With the high specifications as...

  • Model GL32F - 2-Row Cup Planter

    Model GL32F - 2-Row Cup Planter

    The compact 2-row planter GL 32F with fixed hopper is equipped with the successful planting elements from the 4-row planter. The robust construction is ideal for those, who are looking for a versatile, mounted machine. Easy to operate and economical for the daily use.

  • Model GL32B - 2-Row Cup Planter

    Model GL32B - 2-Row Cup Planter

    Quality on your field. When developing the GL 32B the request for a reliable planter was fulfilled. A wide range of triple performance in one work step: fertilizing, planting and ridge forming. With the GL 32B, you can achieve everything in one work step - even on unseparated grounds.

  • Model GL410 - 4-Row Cup Planter

    Model GL410 - 4-Row Cup Planter

    The potato planter GL 410 fitted directly to the rear of the tractor enables a high agility, which is necessary on many potato areas. The new developed series of 4-row potato planters meets these requirements.

  • Potato Systems/Cultivation

  • Model GF-Series - Rotary Hiller

    Model GF-Series - Rotary Hiller

    The expectations of cultivators are very high, as their intensive soil cultivation requires consistency and reliability. At the same time, they are expected to work smoothly and cultivate large areas.The GF-Series Rotary Hiller offers you these benefits. They intensively cultivate the soil while destroying annoying clods. The soil becomes loose and can be used for ridge forming and is the basic for a harvest with a higher yield.Further these Rotary...

  • Model RT300 - Cultivator Rota Tiller

    Model RT300 - Cultivator Rota Tiller

    Grimme Rota Tilla 300 cultivator. Cultivation for potatoes is not easy on heavy lands. Traditional cultivators do not crumble the soil fine enough and multiple journeys across the field compact the soil. With the RT 300 many tines crumble the soil with a minimum of ground pressure.For front attachment the machine is kept with a large roller on the ground. At the rear the shaping board forms well-shaped ridges so the tractor does not refasten the...

  • Model GH-Series - Ridging Hiller

    Model GH-Series - Ridging Hiller

    The GH-Series Ridging Hiller for all conditions. The GH Ridging Hiller is available for 2, 4 or 6 rows and can be adjusted for various row widths. An all-rounder: the double toolbar consists of a robust welded frame, onto which a choice of ridging bodies, discs or tines can be fitted. Another benefit is the ridgit construction - even under high loads.

  • Model GH-Eco - Ridging Hiller

    Model GH-Eco - Ridging Hiller

    For weed protection without chemicals and ridge building simultaneously Grimme has developed the 2- and 4-row Eco Ridging Hiller which is constructed around a strong frame.Weed control is achieved using cutter elements fitted to the frame and parallelograms guided via feeler wheels. The knifes adopt an independent position to each other by the changing ridge shapes and with this mechanism ensures precise cutting of the weeds. The cutting system...

  • Potato Systems/Harvesting

  • Model SE140 - Single-Row Potato Harvester

    Model SE140 - Single-Row Potato Harvester

    There is always room for improvement'. Following this theme, Grimme developed the new 1-row harvester SE 140. Based on the reliable SE-series, the todays most sold off-set trailed potato harvester. More than 10.000 machines of the SE-family dig around the world with high performance and gentle crop handling - made  by Grimme.

  • Model SE 75/85-55 - Single-Row Potato Harvester

    Model SE 75/85-55 - Single-Row Potato Harvester

    There is nothing, that cannot be improved. - From this statement the new SE 75/85-55 was developed. Nowadays this harvester is among the most widely sold offset trailed potato harvester of its kind.

  • Model SE 150/170-60 - 2-Row Potato Harvester

    Model SE 150/170-60 - 2-Row Potato Harvester

    The 2-row, off-set trailed potato harvester for high output per hectare per day. The modular design tailors the machine to suit individual requirements. Simple operation of settings and maintenance, designed for easy harvest in difficult conditions.

  • Sugar Beet Technology

  • Grimme Rexor - Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Grimme Rexor - Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Througout the development of the REXOR 620, Grimme focussed on economics and efficiency. We used the most modern simulation and design techniques and created an extremely high-performance 6-row sugar beet harvester. The REXOR 620 is setting new standards in its class regarding fuel economy and running costs.

  • Grimme Rexor - Model 630 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Grimme Rexor - Model 630 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    The new 6-row REXOR 630 is now the third self-propelled sugar beet harvester launched by Grimme with new dimensions: 30 tonnes (45 m³) large bunker and 3 axle chassis with the highest possible ground compaction protection tops the impressive Grimme sugar beet havester range.

  • Grimme Maxtron - Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Grimme Maxtron - Model 620 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    The concept of the MAXTRON 620 sets new standards for gentle and maximum output sugar beet harvesting and more protection for your land.Driven Oppel Wheels dig out the sugar beet and transport an almost clean crop onto the following cleaning unit. The crop flows across the full working width over the webs and DLG awarded cleaning rollers. Officially proved tests show that yield losses caused by the digging and cleaning process are reduced to a...

  • Potato Systems/Separation

  • Bedformer - Model BF/BFL  - Separation System

    Bedformer - Model BF/BFL - Separation System

    The first step of the separation system is to set up the beds. The shaping of the beds is a decisive first working step. The track and bed width is determined by this step. Grimme offers two basic models: the large Bedforma of the BF-series for use especially on medium to heavy soil with big stones and large amount of clods. The BFL-series for use on all soil as well as for smaller...

  • Model CS/CW-150/170  - Separators

    Model CS/CW-150/170 - Separators

    The second step for high quality potatoes on stony and cloddy soils is optimum soil separation in the beginning.Here the new generation of stone and clod separator begins. Grimme produces a new standard with the new innovation ROTA-Power for more power, separation quality and efficiency.The CS/CW 150 with 1,500 mm and the CS/CW 170 with 1,660 mm separation width persuades with its special...

Products by AgroVent BV

  • Potato Storage System

    Potato Storage System

    AgroVent develops new techniques based on full comprehension of potato storage, including seed potatoes. These will be needed the more in future to combat storage moulds and bacteria. AgroVent is also ahead of the field with its new techniques in drying and storage which work independently from the weather. Condensation drying, measuring quality and sharing storage details with clients mitigate losses and lower costs across the chain.

  • Storage Box

    Storage Box

    Storage in special boxes is recommended for high value products, such as seed potatoes and special onions. It also applies to climates where the crop is not uniform. AgroVent offers to be the partner for all your storage challenges.

  • VaccTek - Condensation Drying System

    VaccTek - Condensation Drying System

    VaccTek is the most significant innovation in storage technology in the last ten years. It concerns drying without use of gas by recovering energy from heat and it is independent from outside air conditions. This leads to effective drying of your valuable onions and seed potatoes, with 100% certainty of success. The VaccTek guarantees exceptional storage results.

Products by Mantis ULV Sprühgeräte GmbH

  • Weed Control- ULV Spraying Systems

  • MANKAR- Carry - Handheld Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    MANKAR- Carry - Handheld Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The hand-held MANKAR® models are well suited for deployment in areas of dense cultivation, areas where regular rows have not been planted, or anyplace where, due to surface properties, a high degree of flexibility is needed. Metering takes place by manual adjustment of the metering valve, depending on the herbicide being used. Herbicide travels by gravitational force from the tank to the nozzle via the valve. The nozzle is activated by the push of...

  • MANKAR - Model HQ 80 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    MANKAR - Model HQ 80 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Das MANKAR-HQ 80 hat eine spezielle Rotationsdüse, die einen Sprühkegel mit 80 cm Durchmesser erzeugt. Die Düse ist seitlich drehbar. Dieses Gerät ist sehr gut geeignet für biologische Herbizide, die in größeren Mengen ausgebracht wer­den müssen, als dies mit der Segment-Rotationsdüse möglich ist. Es ist mit einem 10-Liter-Behälter aus­gestattet, der wie ein Rucksack getragen wird, sodass...

  • Mini-Mantra - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Mini-Mantra - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The Mini-Mantra Plus handheld sprayer was one of the top-selling MANKAR ULV spraying systems until the MANKAR-HQ 45 has been introduced! The Mini-Mantra models are the predecessors of the MANKAR-HQ sprayers. Three different types have been sold

  • Mantra - Model 101994 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    Mantra - Model 101994 - Ultra Low Volume Spraying Systems

    The Mantra is the largest portable unit with a spray width of 50 cm. It was developed especially for flexible deployment in Christmas tree nurseries and for forestry applications. Heavy branches can be lifted without a problem thanks to the reinforced spray hood attachment, so that even those areas underneath the trees are easily accessible. A carrying strap provides relief to the back and arms while working. Further areas of application include...

  • MANKAR - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR-Roll – Wheelbarrow units for comfortable handling in row cultivations. Because the spray systems in the MANKAR-Roll group are pushed like wheelbarrows, they are very nicely suited to handling large areas of in-row cultivation, for example, as well as pathways and plazas with water-bound surfaces. Up-slope and down-slope gradients are no problem thanks to the low unit weights. In 2014 the new MANKAR-TWO and MANKAR-ONE models have been...

  • MANKAR - Model ONE - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    MANKAR - Model ONE - Roll Wheelbarrow Units

    The new MANKAR-ONE models have a wheel-driven pump, so that metering is dependent on the distance travelled (path-dependent) and not on the speed of forward motion. In contrast to the previous MANKAR-Roll sprayers the new models have a one size slim wheel of 53 cm which is also suited to rough surfaces but nevertheless keeps the sprayer small and agile.

  • Harvest Protection

  • MAFEX - Potato/Fruit Sprayers

    MAFEX - Potato/Fruit Sprayers

    In general, the MAFEX unit can be used to apply any liquid. Its most common usage is the liquid treatment of potatoes with seed dressing agents, fungicides and anti-sprouting agents (e.g. Fungazil® 100 SL, GROSTOP® Basis, NeoNet® Start, MonCut®, Magnate® 100 SL and Cuprozin® Liquid), the treatment of citrus and other fruits with various types of wax and fungicides. Application of water for dust binding.

  • MAFEX  - Silage Sprayers

    MAFEX - Silage Sprayers

    Mafex-Silage spraying systems ares used for application of liquid silage support agents directly during chaffing. Atomisers are installed in protective tubing at an appropriate location with an adapter suited to the chopper. The atomiser cannot clog thanks to its special design and installation angle. On John Deere choppers installation by the accelerator, for example, takes place so that plant parts are evenly covered by the droplets as they are...

Products by SERCOM

  • Measurement Box

    Measurement Box

    Sercom has developed a compact measurement box for application in greenhouses and storage spaces. The temperature and humidity sensor are placed next to each other in one casing. Humidity deficit, dewpoint and energy content can be determined precisely. Measurements are done electronically, and thus little maintenance is required.