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  • Agricultural Wrappers

  • Model SM-SP series - Bale Blower/Feeder

    Model SM-SP series - Bale Blower/Feeder

    Able to process bales lenght up to 5' (square or round) diameter 6'. Ideal for Straw - Hay - Baleage and more. Spreading up to 52'. Double alternated agressive knives allow to cut and distribute all fodder types. Orientable 270 degree distribution chute. Loading gate.

  • Agriculture Trailers

  • Forestry

  • Model M-90 - Log Loaders

    Model M-90 - Log Loaders

    Can be attached to ATV, truck, car or tractor. Lightweight, strong, highly maneuverable. Minimize ground compaction while handling and transporting substantial loads. Easy to operate.

  • Model M-115 - Log Loaders

    Model M-115 - Log Loaders

    Simple hydraulic and mechanical systems, easy to use and maintain. Extra strength and durability. Hydraulic adjustable tandem. Balance the load after loading to maximize capacity. Easy to operate.