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  • Growmoor - Multi-Purpose Compost

    Growmoor - Multi-Purpose Compost

    Growmoor's Multi-Purpose Compost is one of the most popular brands available on the market today. Over many years it has developed a reputation for exceptional consistency as well as promoting healthy root growth and strong plants with the addition of superb fertilisation and water retention capabilities. Growmoor's design team go to great length's to give every bag a hi-profile design which will give your customers an important impulse buy...

  • Growmoor - Irish Moss Peat

    Growmoor - Irish Moss Peat

    Growmoor's Irish Moss Peat is one of the finest available on the market today. It is a high quality Irish sphagnum peat, which is a natural organic soil conditioner that aids growth and enriches, balances and improves aeration and water retention of the soil. This Irish Moss Peat is ideal for seeds, cuttings, potting on, hanging baskets, containers, planters and flower beds. Do NOT use for lime hating plants. Please use Growmoor's Ericaceous...