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  • Cutter-Head Attachments

  • Model 500HF - High-Flow Cutter-Head

    Model 500HF - High-Flow Cutter-Head

    The 500HF High-Flow Cutter-head attachment is the most productive Cutter-head in its class. It outperforms comparable Cutter-heads 2 to 1, while burning 1/3 less fuel! You would need two tractors, comparable cutter-heads, and operators to keep up with one 500HF Cutter-head. The 500HF is our standard Cutter-head mulching attachment that is shipped with our medium-duty mulching machines and is available for High-Flow Skid Steers and Compact Track...

  • Low-Flow Cutter-Head

    Low-Flow Cutter-Head

    Gyro-Trac’s Low Flow Cutter-head Attachment with its fixed tooth, planar head cutting technology is designed for Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders from 60 horsepower and up and with hydraulic flow from 17 to 24 gpms. This revolutionary mulching attachment will clear more small trees and scrub in less-time and with far less work than other competing products in its class. It “Quick” attaches to any Compact Track Loader or Skid...