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  • Agrochemicals


    Hutchinsons offer a national distribution network from regional depots to supply a comprehensive range of crop protection products including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, foliar nutrients and biological control from all the relevant agrochemical manufacturers. The company's extensive national trials and demonstration program, as well as close co-operation between the in-house technical team and European partners, ensures that Hutchinsons...

  • Seed


    Seeds sales and advice on varieties are available from all Hutchinsons agronomists. Through a network of suppliers, the company is able to supply a complete range of seeds for all arable combinable crops and many others including energy and fodder crops, maize, small seeds and game cover. Hutchinsons, together with six other leading UK seed businesses, have recently formed Seed ALLIANCE. This  is a dynamic strategic seed sales and technology...

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  • Fungicides

  • Cosine - Novel Fungicide

    Cosine - Novel Fungicide

    An emulsion in water formulation containing 50 g/l cyflufenamid for the control of powdery mildew in apples and pears.

  • Growth Regulants

  • Model B Nine SG - Growth Regulants

    Model B Nine SG - Growth Regulants

    Water soluble granule formulation contains 85% w/w daminozide for use as a growth regulator on a range of ornamentals. New flexible label:no limit on number of applications and no maximum concentration.

  • Gro-Stop  - Model 100 - Growth Regulants

    Gro-Stop - Model 100 - Growth Regulants

    A hot fogging concentrate formulation containing 300g/litre chlorpropham, (24.04% w/w) and dichloromethane, to prevent sprouting of dormant ware potatoes in store

  • Herbicides

  • Crescent - Post Emergence Herbicide

    Crescent - Post Emergence Herbicide

    Crescent is a post-emergence herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in Winter and Spring Cereals, forage maize and Grassland. An emulsifiable concentrate containing 200g/l (20.4 w/w) fluroxypyr, as the 1-methyl heptyl ester, and aromatic naphtha.

  • Insecticides