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  • STS - Model 10, 12 & 14 Series - Sprayer

    STS - Model 10, 12 & 14 Series - Sprayer

    One Machine. Full Season Versatility. Widen your application window. The lightweight and balanced design of the 2016 STS Application System allows you to get in the field earlier with minimal compaction. For all your pre-season through late-season needs, the Hagie 2016 STS boosts versatility with attachment capability to perform timely and precise applications when crops need it most.

  • STS - Model 16 - Sprayer

    STS - Model 16 - Sprayer

    When every hour counts, make the most of it. The largest applicator in the Hagie family, the 2016 STS16, optimizes operator productivity with a decel pedal and end row management features in the sprayer specific cab. The STS 16 is the most powerful solution to efficiently cover more acres all season long.

  • STS - Model 12i - Sprayer

    STS - Model 12i - Sprayer

    When you are looking to maximize efficiency, look no further than the 2016 STS 12i. The direct injection applicator design is capable of carrying up to 240 gallons and three chemicals for optimized safety and application. Featuring a sprayer specific cab, advanced technologies including a decal pedal and end row management equip operators with the capability to maximize efficiencies in an environment optimized for comfort and safety.

  • STS - Model DTS10 - Sprayer

    STS - Model DTS10 - Sprayer

    Over several years the Hagie Engineers have pondered the ultimate sprayer for the next decade. Given the industry drivers being weight, balance, capacity, spray speed, boom width, gradeability, maneuverability, balance, precision compatibility, safety, price, and comfort, it’s tough to have your cake and eat it too. Not if you break the mold. The Hagie Design Team has delivered a machine for the next generation of applicators. The 2016 Hagie...

  • Spray Booms

    Spray Booms

    No operation is the same. This is why Hagie’s STS series is compatible with a variety of boom sizes to best suit your individual needs. Featuring a lightweight yet durable design, the STS booms feature precise boom height adjustment for pre-season through late season applications. The rolling transom design and breakaways provide optimum capability to perform applications with optimized production protection on various types of terrain.

  • Model NTB - Nitrogen Toolbar

    Model NTB - Nitrogen Toolbar

    Having adequate nutrient levels and feeding them to your crop at the right times are critical factors to achieving high yields. Hagie Mfg.’s 2016 Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) is your full season solution for performing timely and precise N applications to limit losses and maximize input productivity. Include a Hagie NTB as part of your nutrient management plan to drive economic benefits to your bottom line, while also minimizing environmental...

  • Model DTB - Detasseling Toolbar

    Model DTB - Detasseling Toolbar

    Hagie Mfg.’s Detasseler toolbar (DTB) makes your optionally equipped Hagie STS sprayer a Combo machine for enhanced application versatility. Utilizing the Hagie Quick-Tach, you can remove the spray boom and attach the DTB quickly, turning your sprayer into a seed corn detasseler. The DTB and STS Combo option can give you a return on investment you never thought possible.

  • Model HsTb - High Speed Toolbar

    Model HsTb - High Speed Toolbar

    With narrowing application window timeframes, capability to perform split Nitrogen applications on broad acres can present challenges during the application season. Hagie Mfg.’s 2016 High Speed Toolbar (HsTB) is your solution to efficiently apply Nitrogen at a higher application speed with a low draft front toolbar for crop application in early growth stages.

  • Model 204SP - Puller

    Model 204SP - Puller

    When you need a detasseler, choose the one which started it all. With over 68 years of experience, Hagie has earned a reputation as an industry leader and expert in crop protection and detasseling solutions. The proven 204SP Detasseling machine blends a high clearance design with adjustable automatic height control to perform timely detasseling applications when timing is critical. The 204SP unites functionality with customizable options to provide a...

  • Tall Crop Package

    Tall Crop Package

    Reduced crop damage and enhance protection of your STS during late season corn applications with Hagie Mfg.’s Tall Corn Package.