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  • Sukup - Commercial Storage Tanks

    Sukup - Commercial Storage Tanks

    Sukup uses a minimum 70,000 psi and up to 75,000 psi tensile strength steel to provide better vertical load carrying capacity. The 4” wide corrugations on Sukup sidewall sheets create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. Sukup sheets are 44” high, so there are fewer rings, seams and bolts than bins with 32” sidewall sheets.

  • Flow Hammer - Automated Production Systems

    Flow Hammer - Automated Production Systems

    Feed bridging has become a common event in the swine industry as feed rations change due to fluctuating input costs and the use of alternative feed stuffs to lower cost and gain feed efficiency. The 'Flow Hammer' is a reliable and affordable solution that easily adapts to most existing feed bins. This patent pending product aids in the prevention of out of feed events in all phases of swine production.

Products by Chore-Time Brock International - a division of CTB, Inc.

  • Chore-Time - Pig Feeders

    Chore-Time - Pig Feeders

    PigTek's CHORE-TIME® Market Pig Feeders are designed to help simplify the management of your pigs as they grow. With that goal in mind, the company offers different market pig feeders to help match various pig management and feeding styles:

Products by PigTek Pig Equipment Group - - a division of CTB, Inc.

  • Sow Care Solutions

  • Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Electronic Sow Feeding System

    Efficient management is critical for the pig farms of the future. Managers need high quality, next-generation technology supported by field-proven software and hardware solutions as well as options for the future.

  • Conversion Solutions

  • RONDOMAT - Model 3S  - Nursery Feeder

    RONDOMAT - Model 3S - Nursery Feeder

    Mannebeck’s RONDOMAT 3S Nursery Feeder is a stand-alone automatic sensor feeder for wet/dry feed. This MANNEBECK® piglet feeding system can help producers:

  • Chore-Time - Model 4 - Dry Pig Feeding Systems

    Chore-Time - Model 4 - Dry Pig Feeding Systems

    The popular CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Pig Feeders are outstanding feed management tools for feeding simplicity and efficiency.  Whether you need nursery, wean-finish or finish feeders, all have been designed to lower labor costs in clean-out and feeder adjustment time as well as to help prevent feed waste. These dry feeders can be used in the center of the pen or as fence-line feeders.

  • Pigs Drinking Cups

    Pigs Drinking Cups

    The PIGTEK Drinking Cups for pigs feature an advanced, hog-friendly shape that is designed around the way pigs naturally drink water. This helps to make this drinker the most effective water cup on the market. The nipple position helps to maximize control (up to 70% water savings) by minimizing water overflow and reducing medication waste.

  • FLEX-AUGE - Feed Delivery Systems

    FLEX-AUGE - Feed Delivery Systems

    It is hard to imagine designing a modern pig production facility without using flexible augers for the feeder fill systems. The concept of  using flexible auger was invented by CHORE-TIME® and introduced as the FLEX-AUGER® Coreless Auger Feed Delivery System in 1961. In the many years since then, the CHORE-TIME FLEX-AUGER System has proven to be one of the most reliable and best systems ever devised to deliver feed.