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  • Gravel Pro - Roadside Gravel Reclamation

    Gravel Pro - Roadside Gravel Reclamation

    The Gravel-Pro is designed to reclaim roadside gravel, mulch grass, grade & level material and break-up large sod clumps. Power is supplied to the rotor via a heavy duty drive line system which includes a slip clutch and shear blot arrangement for protection against excessive torque build up and shock loads.

  • Ditch Cutter

    Ditch Cutter

    The Handy Hitch Model 120 Ditch Cutter is designed to cut vegetation submerged in water or dry cut above ground. Its heavy duty, virtually maintenance-free frame design makes it the premier choice for heavy vegetation trimming.

  • Offset Mower Hitch

    Offset Mower Hitch

    A New Level Of Mowing Performance! Keep your tractor on the level road for ultimate safety & comfort! The Offset Hitch can be connected to any brand of rotary mower, pull style or three-point hitch. Level Tractor operation results in balanced lubrication levels and less wear and tear on tires, rims, bearings, gears and other working parts. The skid plate, bolted on the ditch side axle, allows the hitch to be pulled through heavy moisture areas,...

  • Packer/Roller

  • Profile Packer/Roller

    Profile Packer/Roller

    The Most Advanced Grader Mounted Packer/Roller on the Market! Continuous compaction ensures a smooth, uniform driving surface. The result is a driving surface that stands up to the impact of weather and traffic. Continuous compaction results in fewer trips per maintenance mile per year. You will reduce your grader usage by 25-30% annually – saving you time, fuel and repairs.

  • Contour Packer/Roller

    Contour Packer/Roller

    Simple to use by a single operator, the Contour Packer/Roller has a unique independent contour frame system that allows the compactor tires to follow the exact contour of the road. This system maintains constant pressure by the tires on the road and leaves a smooth, uniform surface. In addition, the Contour machines mount easily to any brand of grader ripper bar. The Handy Hitch Contour Packer/Roller is so easy to use that owners will quickly achieve...

  • Ballast Packer/Roller

    Ballast Packer/Roller

    Top-of-the-line Ballast Packer/Roller in 12 and 16 Wheel Designs. The Handy Hitch 12 & 16 Tire Ballast Packer/Roller has been designed to be the industry leader in box & Frame design. Features a heavy duty main pivot point, complete with replaceable front beam pin and heavy duty front frame construction with replaceable main pivot pins for easy access and servicing.

  • Single Drum Packers/Rollers

    Single Drum Packers/Rollers

    Skid Steer Packer/Roller: Excellent for those tight spots that require packing but have limited access. Great for landscaping, construction sites, parks and recreation areas. Quickly attaches to the front of a skid steer. Perfect for jobs where a full size compactor is not cost-efficient.

  • Handy Packer, Steel Drum & Rubber TIre Roller

    Handy Packer, Steel Drum & Rubber TIre Roller

    Versatile! Grader mount, front-end loader mount and tractor 3-point hitch mount. Economical and virtually maintenance free. Heavy duty spherical bearings will ensure smooth operation. No pneumatic tires means no more flats. Various widths available.

  • Inline Packer/Roller

    Inline Packer/Roller

    Tractor draw bar hitch mount. Economical and virtually maintenance free. Heavy duty spherical bearings will ensure smooth operation. No pneumatic tires means no more flats. Available in 75', 90' and 120' options.