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  • Precast Concrete

  • Forage Bunker Silos

    Forage Bunker Silos

    Hanson's Bunker Silo offers you a large volume storage capacity system, the lowest cost per ton silage storage, the lowest initial investment and the lowest annual fixed cost of any silage storage system. Make the initial investment now and reap the benefits for many many years. If a Tower Silo isn't right for your operation, take a look at a Hanson Bunker Silo for your silage storage. Unlike an Ag Bag, Bunker Silos offer you economical, large volume...

  • Salt & Sand Storage

    Salt & Sand Storage

    Hanson builds a containment system that exceeds the specifications of The Department of Transportation (DOT) for the salt storage corrosive environment. Hanson Silo has engineered concrete panels designed to resist corrosion. Hanson Silo has engineered concrete panels designed to store commodities with weights up to 130 pounds per cubic foot.

  • Choppers

  • Agri-Chopper


    Bedding down animals with big bales is a time consuming and back breaking chore if you do it manually. The Agri-Chopper chops big bales of straw or paper to make fluffy and spongy bedding. Thanks to its powerful blower, it can be used to spread bedding evenly up to 40 feet in free stall barns, hog houses and hen houses.

  • Model 6616 - Bale Processor

    Model 6616 - Bale Processor

    Bale Processor 6616, a revolutionary way of processing big bales. The Bale Processor 6616 features a unique design Limited by the quantity of electric energy available on most north american farms, VALMETAL engineers demonstrated much common sense and imagination in designing the Bale Processor 6616, a stationary chopper capable of processing big bales with little horse power requirement.

  • Header Transports

  • Model ST Series - Header Transports

    Model ST Series - Header Transports

    Stock Stomper acceptance. Fully Adjustable top bar up and down and in and out. Powder-coat Paint Finish. Heavy Wall 6'' x 12'' Frame. 7K Torsion Flex Tandem axles with brakes. 10-ply Trailer Tires 16'. Adjustable Axle spacing. LED Tail Lights, 7 Pole Plug. 2 Integrated Ratchet Straps. Extendable Tongue with Quick Latch and Safety Chains. Poly Front Fenders.

  • Model LT Series - Header Transports

    Model LT Series - Header Transports

    Universal model on 4x8x1/4' beam and ST225-R15, 8ply radial tires and pickup heads 4x8x1/4' beam. Power coat paint. Black is standard. Sizes 20' 25' 30' 35' & 40.