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  • GSI Grain Storage Bins

  • GSI - Farm-Commercial Grain Storage Bins

    GSI - Farm-Commercial Grain Storage Bins

    GSI has combined the sound engineering principals used on large commercial stiffened grain tanks to on-farm stiffened grain bins. The GSI Farm-Com series is a 4' corrugation, externally stiffened bin available in greater capacities than the unstiffened NS series or unstiffened WS series. These bins and silos have proven a popular choice for many intensive use situations such as over cone pits, with recirculating systems, etc. This option also allows...

  • GSI - Commercial Grain Storage Bins/Silos

    GSI - Commercial Grain Storage Bins/Silos

    A world leader in steel corrugated storage bin manufacturing, Grain Systems offers the strongest and heaviest gauge storage tanks in the industry with capacities exceeding 710,000 bushel (20,000 MT). Our tank sidewall is roll-formed at the GSI plant using 8 gauge, and now 5 and 6 gauge, prime high tensile steel up to 65,000 PSI (450 MPa). The heavier 5 gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other...

  • GSI - Commercial Hopper Tanks

    GSI - Commercial Hopper Tanks

    GSI offers two series of commercial hopper tanks , the NCHT series with a strong 2.66' sidewall corrugation, and the shorter FCHT series with a wider 4.00' sidewall corrugation. The NCHT series encompasses a full range of diameters ( from 15' to 36' ), capacities ( up to 53,659 bushels (1513 MT)), and hopper slopes (40, 45, and 60 degree) to meet virutally any hopper storage requirements. The FCHT series is available in a 45 degree hopper slope...

  • GSI - Bulk Feed Tanks

    GSI - Bulk Feed Tanks

    Bulk Feed Tanks (BFT) are a very popular way of storing feed due to its ease of installation, lower expansion cost and convenient hopper unloading. Several of these tanks can be installed to store a variety of grains and the sealed roof and body design helps protect grain/feed from moisture damage. GSI Bulk Feed Tanks are available in 6', 7', 9', 12', and 15' diameters and range in capacities up to 77 metric tons (3182 bushels).

  • GSI Grain Drying Systems

  • GSI - Process Dryers

    GSI - Process Dryers

    For large commercial grain drying that requires delicate handling and quality results, look to GSI 's line of quality Process dryers. This dryer is available in a variety of capacities and multi-fuel options and features one of the most modern control systems on the market making it extremely easy to operate.

  • GSI - Top Dry Systems

    GSI - Top Dry Systems

    Over the years, universities, and farmers alike have repeatedly proven that 'in-bin' drying is one of the most efficient methods of drying grain. Top Dry goes one step further by integrating features that allow filling, drying and dumping operations to be run automatically for extreme efficiency. And, because Top Dry is also a storage bin, crops can be stored on site, then sold at a later date for potentially better returns.

  • GSI - Tower Dryers

    GSI - Tower Dryers

    The GSI Tower dryer design utilizes industry proven drying principles along with many unique features to provide the commercial user with a simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain drying system. Standard operational features on the Tower dryer include double Maxon gas blocking valves on the gas train, exhaust air temperature sensors, plenum high temperature limits, grain level monitoring, continuous flame monitoring, airflow monitoring and motor...

  • GSI - Network Dryers

    GSI - Network Dryers

    GSI's Network series grain dryers are available in 1,2,3,4 and 6 fan models and feature one of the most intelligent control systems on the market today. The simplification of GSI's Network series grain dryers and a state-of-the-art control system capable of monitoring a comprehensive set of safety controls and dryer functions puts these dryers truly in a class all their own.