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  • DewEze - Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds

    DewEze - Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds

    For over three decades DewEze Bale Beds have proven their durability and trouble-free performance in livestock operations across the United States. The DewEze industry-leading parallel squeeze, coupled with features like wireless remote and two-year warranties, make the 600 - 700 Series the top product in the bale bed category. Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season. You won't find this level of...

  • Pivot Squeeze - Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds

    Pivot Squeeze - Model 600 - 700 Series - Bale Beds

    Introducing the 600 - 700 Series Pivot Squeeze, the newest DewEze bale bed. Our Pivot Squeeze is built with the same strength and style of the industry-leading Parallel Squeeze, and includes innovative options like the new Swivel Spinners and the large 110' opening and narrow 34' closing of the DewEze Pivot Squeeze arms.

  • Super Slicer - Model II - Bale Beds

    Super Slicer - Model II - Bale Beds

    The DewEze Super Slicer II offers a reliable one-man operation for increased productivity. Over 15 years of field testing know-how is your guarantee to efficient feeding, even through the worst winter conditions. The Super Slicer II is able to slice through wet, frozen, or tight bales with minimum waste and full bale feeding control.

  • DewEze - Model 660 - Bale Loaders

    DewEze - Model 660 - Bale Loaders

    The DewEze 660 is a bolt-on conversion kit that makes any flatbed into a bi-bale loader. The 660 features a handheld control with a 20' cord, allowing the loading and unloading of bales from the comfort of your cab. Designed to afford easy access to your gooseneck ball, the DewEze 660 gives you power, precision feeding, and flexibility.

  • DewEze - Model 165 - Bale Hugger

    DewEze - Model 165 - Bale Hugger

    For those who want DewEze's legendary strength and durability in a front end loader bale-handling attachment, there's the DewEze 165. DewEze universal fit bale huggers can be attached to almost all front end loaders and feature DewEze's patented parallel squeeze technology. Whether you've got a skid steer or skid steer-attach front end loader, the DewEze 165's universal brackets can adjust to fit almost any design, and the bale hugger arms securely...