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  • Hawkins - Corn Reel

    Hawkins - Corn Reel

    DOWN CORN. Two four-letter words no farmer wants hear. The strength and versatility of Hawkins Corn reel has been keeping farmers in the cab and moving through goose-necked, laid over, matted, and tangled fields for nearly two decades. The wide, row cleaning design moves product far more effectively than cumbersome tined reels. With free freight and a design to fit every make and model of corn head, the Hawkins Corn Reel can take the frustration and...

  • Hawkins - Model Series S & N Forcer - Planter Fertilizer Attachment

    Hawkins - Model Series S & N Forcer - Planter Fertilizer Attachment

    The ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer is a precision injection system for your starter liquid fertilizer. You can accurately place your deep band fertilizer directly into the slit made by the single, 14” double beveled blade. The ‘S’ Series is equipped with a down stop so if you hit soft ground it will not plunge, regardless of your pressure settings. The airbag on the ‘S’ Series Planter N Forcer absorbs impact from...

  • Hawkins - Sub-Soiler

    Hawkins - Sub-Soiler

    The HAWKINS SUB-SOILER is designed for sub-soiling between standing row crops, pasture renovation, and hay ground work. Water penetration is greatly improved resulting in increased yields and a reduction of water requirements due to enhanced root growth. The HAWKINS SUB-SOILER will loosen soil up to 12″ in depth without drying out the ground. The straight shank design of the HAWKINS SUB-SOILER pulls up small clods and leaves little ground...

  • Hawkins - Single Fold Truss Tool Bar

    Hawkins - Single Fold Truss Tool Bar

    Designed to Match the Increased Draft Capacities of Large, Row-Crop Implements. MADE FOR TOUGH row crop horsepower, the Hawkins Double 7 Horizontal Truss Bar is available in 37′ and 41′ standard bar lengths, plus custom lengths to fit our narrow row customer configurations. Constructed of 7″ X 7″ square tubing throughout with heavy-duty welded Category 3 hitch. Square tubing is 3/8″ wall thickness. (1/2″ is...