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  • Harvest Machines

  • Haygrove - Bed-Ridger Machine

    Haygrove - Bed-Ridger Machine

    The Bed-Ridger is designed as a robust plough and disc combination to enable 5 ridges to be pulled up in a single pass without needing very powerful tractors. As well as marking out the field for the bed making machine, the ridger also cleverly marks out the position for tramlining the crop for future machine operations and also the positioning of the Haygrove Tunnel legs. For true accuracy the tractor can be mounted with a GPS system to enable...

  • Poultry Housing

  • Haygrove - Halo Maxi Ranger

    Haygrove - Halo Maxi Ranger

    The Maxi-Ranger was introduced in 2008 for producers wanting their birds to access the indoor scratch area through as short a walk as possible. This can be especially important for shy breeds. The 12m Maxi Ranger is uniquely built on only two steel skids to enable the building to be fully mobile. The Maxi Ranger can also be built as a permanent fixed clear span building.

  • Haygrove - Halo Mini Discovery

    Haygrove - Halo Mini Discovery

    A small scale building built to resemble a traditional ark, but providing modern and very welfare friendly accommodation for small laying flocks.

  • Haygrove - Halo Mini Ranger

    Haygrove - Halo Mini Ranger

    The house of choice for organic, small scale production or specialist producers. Typically, the Halo Mini Ranger will house up to 500 laying birds.

  • Haygrove - Multi-bay Tunnels

    Haygrove - Multi-bay Tunnels

    Specialist tunnels for seasonal poultry have been developed from Haygrove’s considerable experience in the manufacture of poly tunnels for horticulture. The units are typically built in 3 × 8m tunnel bays built together on a 2.5m leg that is drilled into the ground 85cm deep. This means that both the birds and stockman can move freely between each of the three poly tunnel bays. The units can built to any length, but typically depending on...

  • Haygrove - Range Shades

    Haygrove - Range Shades

    To meet the Freedom Food requirements producers need to provide 4 square meters of cover in the range for 500 birds in the flock The Halo Range Shade is the ideal solution – designed as light weight portable and easy to move around the range paddock. Each unit is 2190mm × 1890mm providing 4.14 sq m of cover. The units come flat packed and ready to assemble. The shade material is a wind and UV resistant mesh Order on line at £75 + VAT...

  • Haygrove - Perching

    Haygrove - Perching

    The ability to perch is an important part of a bird’s natural behaviour. It is already legislation in Scotland and shortly to follow in other EU countries that producers should supply dedicated perching space within the house In response to this need Halo make pre-galvanised steel perching that are supplied in modular units for easy self assembly.