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  • Seed Bed Capper

    Seed Bed Capper

    The HCL row crop seed bed capper protects your germinating seeds from the elements.  By building up a protective cap above a newly planted seed, the HCL capper ensures that your planting efforts are not thwarted by inclement weather.  Shortly after the seed sprouts, emergence is facilitated by removing the excess soil with the use of a HCL decapper.  In the picture on the right, during decapping, notice how the protective cap has locked...

  • Border Roller & Harrow

    Border Roller & Harrow

    HCL’s Border Roller & Harrow effectively buries that broadcasted seed which falls onto borders.  The front rollers pivot with respect to the longitudinal axis to hug the sides of the border while the rear roller pivots perpendicular to the longitudinal axis to follow the top of the border.  The Border Roller is heavily built, and is equipped with: 12” ID x 16” OD ductile iron roller rings, heavy duty square tubing, a...

  • V-Wing Clod Pusher

    V-Wing Clod Pusher

    The V-Wing Clod Pusher is a parallel linkage implement.  The V-Wing Clod Pusher is used to prepare the seed bed for proper depth, it removes clods, and it helps to optimize correct moisture content.  The V-Wing also prevents the planter from diving in and out.

  • Minimum Tillage Knife

    Minimum Tillage Knife

     The Minimum tillage Knife facilitates minimum soil manipulation and is designed to undercut cotton stalks.  While in use, the standard is kept in the furrow while the knife cuts through the side of the bed.  The knife is comprised of plow steel for greater wear resistance, with a hardened edge.