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  • Reitnouer - Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

    Reitnouer - Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

    In 1982, Reitnouer introduced the first totally bolted aluminum flatbed  trailer - an innovation that challenged the mindset of an entire industry.  Today, Reitnouer is the design of choice.  While our basic philosphy hasn't changed, our products are continually evolving to meet your changing needs. HD Equipment can service your trailers and make any repairs that you may need.

  • Roll-Tite - Tarping Systems

    Roll-Tite - Tarping Systems

    Transforms your flat bed into a covered trailer in mere minutes... saving you up to 2 hours at the loading docks!  Allows quick and easy access to loads by hand, forklift and crane from top, back, sides and front.  Opens and closes single-handedly from the ground level and includes a quick release, ratchet-style tensioning system or a winding brace mechanical system.  Can be custom-manufactured for your specific needs and...