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  • Front Mounted Equipment

  • Front Pakker

    Front Pakker

    HE-VA Front-Pakker is the ideal solution to level and consolidate new ploughed soils. Thanks to HE-VA's unique ring profile, which HE-VA has developed over the years, an excellent cutting action is achieved whilst having the weight to consolidate in front of a harrow / drill combination. 1.5, 1.65, 2.6, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 m working widths are available as rigid machines and 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 m machines with hydraulic folding into a...

  • Front-Tiller Harrow

    Front-Tiller Harrow

    HE-VA Front-Tiller is a front harrow with two harrow sections with up to 300 mm working depth. HE-VA Front-Tiller can be combined with a stubble implement or a drill unit - mounted behind the tractor, resulting in an optimal utilization of the tractor. The strong tines with mechanical spring release - preloaded for 455 kg - ensure that the Front-Tiller is an effective machine for soil loosening  in connection with seed bed...

  • Seedbed Harrows

  • Kulti-Dan - Flexible Seedbed Harrow

    Kulti-Dan - Flexible Seedbed Harrow

    Flexible seedbed harrow in working widths from 2.2 - 6.4 m. The Kulti-Dan is mounted with 4 rows of 10x32 mm tines with a tine row distance of 40 cm which will allow trash and stones to pass through. The tine angle can easily be adjusted in 4 different positions depending on soil type and working duty. The large 600x12 wheels ensure the depth accuracy to be most exact and the depth is easily and quickly adjusted by the handle equipped with...

  • Euro-Dan Eco - Trailed Seedbed Harrow

    Euro-Dan Eco - Trailed Seedbed Harrow

    Euro-Dan Eco trailed seedbed harrow is available in 5-8 m working widths. The keywords for Euro-Dan Eco are large capacity and flexibility with the possibility to mount equipment optimizing the field work for any farm. Euro-Dan  Eco has the necessary weight and is equipped with all the necessary tools to prepare even the most heavy clay soil. The large depth wheels ensure a precise harrow depth...

  • Harrow and Drill Combinations

  • Model VF Series - Combi Seeder

    Model VF Series - Combi Seeder

    Reliable seed drill with roller in front of seed coulters. Combi-Seeder VF is a strong sturdy harrow-drill combination in 3 and 4 m working widths, which are available with towage coulters or disc coulters. The 3 m models are available with 1000 l seed hoppers and 4 m models are available with 1400 l seed hoppers. The frame is performed as a welded grated construction with high strength. Effective soil preparation via 3...

  • Terra - Seeder

    Terra - Seeder

    3.00, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 m mounted air seeders with 2 centre suspended sections (not 3 m rigid model) ensuring flexible construction and a total contour following of the field. 3 rows of harrow tines with 3 different optional roller types - depending on the soil type. In front the Terra-Seeder is mounted with Spring-Board levelling bar, which guarantees an excellent levelling effect, and clods are crushed effectively. The...

  • Rollers

  • Lift Roller

    Lift Roller

    HE-VA Lift-Roller is a three-point mounted roller which is available in working widths of 2.6 and 3.0 m. The Lift-Roller's compact construction with the weight close to the tractor makes is easy to operate even with smaller tractors. The bottom link arms carry a connection bar, which has free movement enabling the Lift-Roller to follow field contours eliminating any possibility of strain on the frame. HE-VA...

  • Tip-Roller


    HE-VA Tip-Roller is more than an ordinary roller. Don´t just roll - cultivate, level and consolidate. With the different combination possibilities HE-VAs Tip-Roller with working widths from 4.5 m to 10.2 m can fulfill all requirements for better efficiency regardless of soil area or soil conditions. HE-VA Tip-Roller is a 3 section roller built up with centre pivoting wing section, ensuring an effective soil...

  • Sub-Soilers

  • Model MKI - Combi-Tiller Sub-Soilers

    Model MKI - Combi-Tiller Sub-Soilers

    HE-VA Combi-Tiller is a sub-soiler developed for working solo or in combination with a following implement. Soil loosening together with e.g. stubble preparation or seeding in one pass, the big tractors' effect is used optimally. Moreover, you benefit from the soil loosening, as the field is not exposed to a following operation. The Combi-Tiller is able to work from -50 mm to max. 300 mm depth with its 200 mm wide wing share point.

  • Fine Seed Equipment

  • Multi-Seede


    HE-VA Multi-Seeder is a pneumatic fine seeder which easily and quickly can be mounted on nearly all types of implements such as rollers, seed drills, stubble implements etc. regardless of the make. Multi-Seeder is excellent for many different seed types such as rape, grass mixtures, cover crops, fertilizer etc. and is available with 200 l, 410 l, 660 l or 850 l seed hopper. A spoked land wheel or Auto-Controller provides ground speed...

  • Round Bale Unwinder

  • Three-Point Mounted Round Bale Unwinder

    Three-Point Mounted Round Bale Unwinder

    The three-point mounted round bale unwinder Rondo-Dan is epecially suitable for dustless feeding of straw and for laying out in the large barns as well. Rondo-Dan can work with round bales of straw, hay, silage and similar materials with a max. diameter of 180 cm and with a max. round bale weight of 850 kg. The 2 three-point mounted bale spears of the Rondo-Don collect the bale and place it on the unwinder...

  • Weeder

  • Weeder


    HE-VA Weeder is available in 5 different models with working widths of 3.0 m, 4.5 m, 6.0 m, 7.5 m, 9.0 m or 12.0 m. HE-VA Weeder is designed for weeding in grain, rape, beets and potatoes and for grassland aeration. Constructed with 1.5 m wide free-floating harrow sections, the HE-VA Weeder adapts perfectly to all landscapes. Each section has 5 rows of double tines and with a tine spacing of 2.5...