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  • Alternative System

  • Hellmann - Layer Aviary

    Hellmann - Layer Aviary

    Rearing and keeping of hens in alternative systems is no problem with Hellmann Aviaries. Thanks to specific solutions for each area and extensive consulting and an easy management programs, Hellmann customers can face the future relaxed.

  • Hellmann - Rearing Aviary

    Hellmann - Rearing Aviary

    Rearing Aviary With help of intensive exchange of experiences with rearing hen producers in the alternative sector, the Hellmann Rearing Aviary was developed. The compact and low profile design with identical accessories available in each tier, guarantee a good start for the day old chicks, a high uniformity, low mortality, easy management and an optimal preparation for the hens for their relocation to the layer barns.

  • Colony / Enrichment

  • Hellmann - Enrichable Layer Cages

    Hellmann - Enrichable Layer Cages

    Hellmann was the first company to show an enrichable cage, on “Space” in Rennes, France, in 2000. In many countries worldwide, regulations are being discussed that are to decide the welfare of laying hens. In those countries where the regulations are not yet final, it is very difficult to decide between putting in normal cages or enrichable or even enriched cages. With our experience, we can boast that the technical performance of the...

  • Hellmann - Enriched Systems

    Hellmann - Enriched Systems

    Hellmann started the development of the enriched cages in the nineties in Sweden. When the regulations of 1999 were published, the development of the enriched cages sped up. The fact that many countries in Europe adopted deviations on the regulations, some allowing weaker, some making more severe regulations, resulted in different “optimal” cages for different countries. Even the width of a barn could mean that a different cage should be...

  • Cage Systems

  • Hellmann - Not Enriched Layer Cages

    Hellmann - Not Enriched Layer Cages

    The Hellmann cage systems for layers are designed for the wellbeing of both the hen and the egg, and they are made of durable material, almost exclusively made in Germany. The wellbeing of the hens is given by designing the cages such that the hens can live in a clean and spacious surrounding, with unlimited access to feed and water. The egg is being treated gently by the flexible suspension of the cage floor that allows the egg to slide out to the...

  • Hellmann - Rearing Cages

    Hellmann - Rearing Cages

    The Hellmann closed housing systems for rearing are designed with the focus on safety and maximum uniformity, easy management and durability. Special attention goes to the details in the cages to prevent the birds from injury and getting stuck. A must of course, is a good feed and water supply, for which Hellmann has a range of products, varying from feed chain to travelling hopper and from gravity tanks to auto-flushable pressure regulators that...