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  • Belts

  • Model S - Belts

    Model S - Belts

    These traction belts are available in most pitches. Sieve webs with these belts can be driven with sprockets types S, M, G, Z, RR.

  • Rods

  • Model OGP - Rivet Rods

    Model OGP - Rivet Rods

    OGP (rods ∅ 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15). The rod will be upset before flattening. This thickens the material so the flattening does not become a weak spot. Standard our webs are equipped with rods of spring steel class C (DIN 17228). However we can also mount rods of CrSi-steel, stainless steel or glass fibre. After consultation with you, we can also use other materials so that the produced web will meet your expectations as good...

  • Covering- Bekleding

  • Star - PVC Tube

    Star - PVC Tube

    To protect the product from damaging we can cover the rods with soft star-PVC. This is a soft PVC tube that is profiled on the inside. It is available in many sizes. Because of the fact that this tube can practically always be used and offers good results at a reasonably low price, one can find a sieve web with star-PVC in almost every potato harvester.

  • PVC Air Chamber Tube (ACT)

    PVC Air Chamber Tube (ACT)

    ACT is a PVC air chamber tube for round bars and is available in 2 sizes only. The air chambers make ACT a very soft covering.

  • Flights

  • Model RM - Rubber Flights

    Model RM - Rubber Flights

    To transport the product at steep angles we have rubber flights (RM) in 9 different heights. Because of the functional design of these flights they can be assembled to every pitch. When the flight is not fitted tightly between the traction belts, its back will be cut out to fit a cable grip. This prevents the flight from moving sideways.

  • Rollers

  • Rubber Rollers

    Rubber Rollers

    These rollers are made up of a cast-iron or nylon core having thereon vulcanized rubber. Rubber rollers ( RR) can be supplied with a hollow axle (BD, BN, BT) , an axle with or without thread (AM, AZ) or a bore with keyway (GB , SP) . To give you an idea of the roles included in our range , there is a brief overview below.

  • Cast Iron Rollers

    Cast Iron Rollers

    Besides rubber rollers ( RR) , our range includes also rollers completely made of cast iron (GR). These roles are useful in the same way as the rubber ones, and are carried out identically . The advantage of this is that the cast iron roll is abrasion resistant with harsher conditions. Nevertheless, the practice shows witch type of role is the most appropriate for a given situation. Factors such as soil type and weather conditions...