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  • HFL Fabricating - Laneway Grader

    HFL Fabricating - Laneway Grader

    Then you are in the right place. Our grader is known for its simplicity as well as its strength.  The reason that is works so much better than a box scraper is because of the leverage it has on the front blade.  All of the weight behind the front 2 blades is acting as a lever to make them dig.  You also have the fact that we are hooked to the draw bar instead of the 3 point hitch.  This allows you to apply the weight of the tractor...

  • Compact Pathway Grader

    Compact Pathway Grader

    The Laneway Grader welcomes a new arrival in the family.  The Pathway Grader is the little brother to the Laneway Grader.  Sharing all the benefits of The Laneway Grader,  The Pathway Grader has the same one pass grading system, however is intended for smaller tractors or an ATV. ...

  • Tile Trench Grader

    Tile Trench Grader

    Fills the trench that the tile machine leaves with only 2 passes. Saves time, fuel, wear and tear on your machinery. Leaves just the right amount of soil on top of the trench to allow proper filling when rained on. Fits Category 2 and 3 quick hitch. Rack for concrete block weight. Replaceable bolt on grader blade for the bottom. Built heavy to withstand rocks and other debris. No moving parts.

  • Seed Drill

  • Model TC3600 Series - No Till Seed Drill

    Model TC3600 Series - No Till Seed Drill

    The TC3600 Series Seed Drill is designed to plant a large area per day with multiple row width options, into a wide range of soil conditions.  This frame is designed to provide all the benefits of an air cart without the extra cost or complicated circuitry.

  • Model TP800 Series - Air Seeder

    Model TP800 Series - Air Seeder

    TP800 Series Air Seeder with our NEW Weight Manager 6000. The TP800 Series Air Seeder is designed to plant a large area per day in tandem with an air seeding cart, into a wide range of soil conditions. The Weight Manager 6000 is designed to add weight to a 3 point hitch air seeder. It will hold up to 6000 lbs of extra weight.  That weight is never carried by the air cart.

  • Model 800 Series - No Till Seed Drill

    Model 800 Series - No Till Seed Drill

    The 800 Series Seed Drill is designed simple and durable for the farmer who wants to service less and plant more.   Combined with the TK7600 series row unit, this seed drill will do a nice job planting in spring or fall conditions.

  • Model TK7600 Series - Row Unit

    Model TK7600 Series - Row Unit

    This row unit is the reason we started manufacturing frames.  This row unit incorporates all that is important when laying down seed.  The TK7600 will get you seed to soil contact quickly every time which is essential in obtaining an excellent crop stand.

  • Hog Sorting Equipment

  • The Pigs Way Scale - Hog Sorter

    The Pigs Way Scale - Hog Sorter

    Stop the frustration of running after pigs, the stress is on you and the pig. Designed to be used on the tough and very demanding environment of finishing hog barns, this sorter is manufactured with strength and reliability as top priorities. Functionality, manoeuvrability and virtually maintenance free are some of its characteristics. Lowest start up cost, comparatively, especially when 3 or 4 units are installed.

  • Crowd Prevention Gate

    Crowd Prevention Gate

    Pictured above with Pigs' Way Gate. For use in Auto Sorting barns. Gate breaks away when pen is over crowded. Easily installed/no wiring or air hoses. Adjustable release pressure. Stainless steel frame with lightweight aluminum gate to prevent animal crushing. Pictured below open.

  • Powder or Lime Spreader

    Powder or Lime Spreader

    Optimize animal environment by spreading a ready-to-use drying powder on the floor of your barn with our New Powder Spreader. Spread lime on lawns with our powder spreader. Evenly spreads powder with little dust in the air at an adjustable rate. Able to be pulled by a person or by ATV/lawn tractor. Removable spinner for spreading against walls or outside edge. Excellent product flow ability. Able to disengage for travel without spreading. Will not...