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  • Model CS - Rolling Spider Cultivators

    Model CS - Rolling Spider Cultivators

    The rolling spider cultivators are very effective in uprooting weeds.  The spider gangs operate as a pair, consisting of a right and a left gang.  These cultivators move through the soil at an adjustable angle in relationship to the direction of travel.  The soil is moved laterally, a feature which may be used in a cultivating situation where it is beneficial to create a ridge for the crop.  In the case of strawberries, soil can be moved around the plant...

  • Model NH - Non-Hydraulic Cultivator

    Model NH - Non-Hydraulic Cultivator

    This is a fully adjustable cultivator which removes weeds through the very effective work of rolling cultivator gangs and coil tines. The ground driven rolling cultivators uproot all the weeds in their path and can be used where plant debris is present in the field. These adjustments can be made to the rolling cultivators. The mounting plate allows for lateral adjustment and the angling of the cultivator gang. The pitch of the gangs is also...