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  • Model CS - Two Channels Cultivator

    Model CS - Two Channels Cultivator

    The frame of the Model CS consists of two channels which form the track for a sub-frame controlled by a hydraulic cylinder. All of the cultivating implements attach to the sub-frame so the distance between the implements (row width) is adjustable from the tractor.  This design permits easy adjustment to accommodate changes in field conditions or crop application.

  • Model NH - Non Hydraulic Cultivator

    Model NH - Non Hydraulic Cultivator

    This is a fully adjustable cultivator which removes weeds through the very effective work of rolling cultivator gangs and coil tines. The ground driven rolling cultivators uproot all the weeds in their path and can be used where plant debris is present in the field.

  • Blueberry Cultivator

    Blueberry Cultivator

    The Blueberry Cultivator is operated between the rows. It also has hydraulic width control for variations in row spacing. The spider gangs remove weeds, incorporate fertilizer, and move soil back toward the blueberry bushes. Gauge wheels control depth of cultivation on lighter soils. Here are some pictures from a customer of the cultivator working on a blueberry farm.

  • Eco - Weeder

    Eco - Weeder

    Hillside Cultivator is a licensed dealer for the Eco Weeder. This is an excellent cultivating tool for removing the weeds between the plants in a row.  The Eco Weeder is a 3-point hitch, power take-off (PTO) driven tractor-mounted cultivator.

  • Disc Gangs

    Disc Gangs

    Good for cutting through plant residue, renovating strawberries or soil with large rocks. Available with notched or smooth blades.

  • Finger Cultivators

    Finger Cultivators

    The finger weeders are used in a pair and fit into the clamps that normally hold the coil tines. The colored fingers are flexible and are ground driven by metal tines that engage the soil. The fingers give the ability to cultivate close to plants without much risk of uprooting the crop.

  • Center Mount Brackets

    Center Mount Brackets

    These brackets clamp on to the center of either the CS or NH model to add cultivating implements for doing two rows.

  • Front Mount S-Tines

    Front Mount S-Tines

    A set of S-Tines can be mounted in place of the front rolling cultivators. We have found this to be a useful for moving strawberry runners into the row in a first year field. The S-tines push runners to the side rather than cutting them off.

  • Tuff-Bilt Cultivator Tractor

    Tuff-Bilt Cultivator Tractor

    The Tuff-Bilt is well suited for cultivation with twenty inches ground clearance and good visibility. The Tuff-Bilt is very maneuverable with a hydrostatic transmission and  84” turn radius.