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  • Grain Trailer

    Grain Trailer

    Chassis A short chassis layout has enabled us to significantly reduce the overall tipping height, allowing a sufficient tipping angle in many barns that would normally be inaccessible. HM trailer chassis are made from 55 grade (structural) Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS). This gives greater strength for a given weight and does not allow a build-up of material on ledges. These are manufactured in a wide chassis format for increased trailer...

  • Root Crop Trailer

    Root Crop Trailer

    Chassis - HM trailer chassis are made from 55 grade (structural) Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS). These are fabricated with a long chassis tipping at the back of the buck. Running Gear - All trailers have sprung suspension to provide a cushion between rough terrain and the trailer. This reduces the high stress levels that are imposed on a chassis with a single mounting system, it also makes the trailers more stable when tipping by making it less...

  • Tri Axle Grain Trailers

    Tri Axle Grain Trailers

    Tri Axle - HM tri axle grain trailers are built with a rigid axle set up as standard. Options for steering include passive steering axles (connectable with a spool) or forced steering axles allowing you to turn a trailer in earlier and with automatic straightening when in reverse. The option price (view by selecting blue underlined titile above) is per axle.

  • Utility Trailers

    Utility Trailers

    Chassis - HM chassis are made from 55 grade (structural) rectangular hollow section. This gives greater strength and does not allow a build up of material on ledges. Running Gear - HU 4/5/6 are single axle, ag spec, unless high speed is requested. HU 8/10 are twin axles with suspension.

  • Low Loader Trailers

    Low Loader Trailers

    Our low loaders are built with 2 universal beam chassis rails running the full length of the trailer, with ribs running through them. The ribs run the full width of the trailer and are welded to the chassis and the side rails. This extra strength at the side rails enables wide loads to be carried. This woven structure forms a very strong chassis on which our low loaders are based.

  • Hydraulic Beavertail Trailers

    Hydraulic Beavertail Trailers

    Chassis - HM hydraulic beavertail low loaders are built on a 250 x 150 box section chassis, cross ribbed with box section across the top of the chassis to offer full support to the side rails allowing wide loads to be carried. This woven structure forms a strong and rigid chassis for these long trailers. Running Gear - Standard running gear is heavy duty agricultural axles with all wheels braking. These are then mounted on new 215/75 R 17.5 twin...