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  • Model 100, 110, 200, & 210 - Accumulated Bales Fork

    Model 100, 110, 200, & 210 - Accumulated Bales Fork

    Accumulated bales are quickly picked up with one of these forks mounted to your loader. These models are also ideal for all-around loading and stacking. Bales can be loaded on your own hay trailers, trucks, or semi-trailers. The 100 series is for 14' x 18' bales, and the 200 series is for 16' x 18' bales. Each series has two lengths available to match your bale size. Bales may be picked up, moved, and stacked as high as your loader will raise,...

  • Model 120, 150, & 180 - Automatic Bale Wagons Fork

    Model 120, 150, & 180 - Automatic Bale Wagons Fork

    These models are for those who have automatic bale wagons. With the proper size fork, a complete layer of 12, 15, or 18 bales can be picked up from a stack which was built with a three-bale wide stack wagon. This allows bales to be stacked in areas which are inaccessible to the wagon and also to be stacked higher than otherwise possible. Even tie-tiers may be moved with ease.

  • Model 50 - Hydraulic Bale Fork

    Model 50 - Hydraulic Bale Fork

    Using hydraulic muscle for bale handling is not limited to large machinery. Now you can do a big job with a little loader. This model helps dairy farms, horse ranches, landscapers, or construction crews with their hay or straw handling chores. The model 50 will handle five bales, which is half of the Model 1000 accumulator's package. If you want to automate your hay handling, but don't have a large loader, or need the maneuverability of a skid-loader,...

  • Rigid Spikes

    Rigid Spikes

    Make your driveway and parking lot more inviting to friends and customers. Maintain your property when it needs it. Stop dodging potholes every day. Rejuvenate those surfaces by bringing rock to the surface and distributing it evenly to cover the bare spots that get muddy after every rain. Two rows of rigid spikes loosen the gravel or rock, and spreads it on the surface. With the spikes mounted midway between the hitch and wheels, leveling becomes...

  • HedgeHog    - Tree Puller

    HedgeHog - Tree Puller

    Clear pastures, ditches, shelterbelts and CRP land quickly and permanently. Pull small trees and brush out by the roots, to prevent regrowth. No need for chains, sawing or expensive chemicals. Remove hedgerows and eradicate invasive noxious shrubs, weeds and vines without touching them. Pull out wood fence posts, up to 8” diameter. Rugged design, with no moving parts. Heavy beveled tines assure positive lifting action. Multi-width openings...

  • Model RB - Scraper

    Model RB - Scraper

    The'Rolling Box'Scraper makes leveling easy and gives high productivity. You can rip, level, and pack all in one pass. Pull-type design reduces the vertical movement of the blade significantly as the tractor bounces over rough terrain. See significant results the first time over.