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  • Model C 250 / C 270 - Tractor

    Model C 250 / C 270 - Tractor

    View of attachments and excellent working comfort Available with 1-person (C 250/ C 270) or 2-person (C 350 / C 370) cab Comfortable cab with air conditioning and 360° visibility Sliding windows on both sides Very spacious even for tall and big drivers Heated adjustable seat with air-suspension system Optional 2-person cab with full passenger seat.

  • Model C 480 - Tractor

    Model C 480 - Tractor

    Comfortable cab with air conditioning and 360° visibility Side windows and pop-up roof  Very spacious even for tall and big drivers Heated adjustable seat with air-suspension system.

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  • Power Arms

  • Swingtrim - Power Arm Mower

    Swingtrim - Power Arm Mower

    A specialist Power Arm with an innovative swing-over action, McConnel’s Swingtrim comes equipped with a high-performance cutterbar, reach of up to 3.5m, and the freedom to cut on either side of the tractor. Compact, light and manoeuvrable, the Swingtrim has been created for contractors and local government teams working in the amenities, landscape, and ground-care sectors.

  • McConnel - Model 30-Series - Power Arm Mower

    McConnel - Model 30-Series - Power Arm Mower

    McConnel’s specialist compact Power Arm series combines the benefits of a light, fuel-efficient design with outstanding manoeuvrability and precision. Offering a choice of reach from 3.4m to 4.3m and deceptively powerful 30hp hydraulics, 30-series Power Arms can be fitted to a wide range of utility vehicles and compact tractors. The PA3430 and PA4330 can be mounted to the front or rear, while the PA3530 model is front-mounting only.

  • Rotary Mowers

  • Stripe - Model SM 220 & 260 - Rotary Mower

    Stripe - Model SM 220 & 260 - Rotary Mower

    A high-performance rotary mower designed for fine-turf applications such as golf-courses, parks and urban green areas, the Stripe Mower delivers an attractive finish that makes it ideal for the amenities and ground-care sectors.   

  • McConnel - Model SE Series - Rotary Mower

    McConnel - Model SE Series - Rotary Mower

    A light, durable, and highly manoeuvrable rotary mower that offers a solid combination of performance and value for farmers and contractors. Available in three different working widths from 1.5m to 2.1m, the SE series is highly flexible and can be used in a wide variety of green maintenance jobs from park maintenance to pasture topping. Robust and reliable, SE series machines are equipped with a range of features to boost performance, safety and...

  • McConnel - Model PT Series - Rotary Mower

    McConnel - Model PT Series - Rotary Mower

    Productivity and value are what define McConnel’s range of PT Toppers. With a choice of working widths from 1.8m to 2.7m, an entry-level offset model and PTO overrun protection, the range is ideal for those seeking a productive and reliable topper at a competitive price.

  • Flail Mowers

  • Magnum Elite - Flail Mower

    Magnum Elite - Flail Mower

    A robust and productive series of flail mowers with a powerful cutting action that’s ideal for tackling grass, crop residues and tree cuttings. Created for farmers, contractors and local government, the Magnum Elite series offers four different cutting widths from 1.9m to 2.7m and  can tackle material up to 50mm thick – making it an ideal tool for a wide variety of green maintenance tasks. A strong main frame and reinforced...

  • Magnum Euro - Flail Mower

    Magnum Euro - Flail Mower

    Tougher, stronger and more productive than the popular Magnum Elite Series, McConnel’s Euro machines offer a choice of 2.3m, 2.45m, and 2.8m cutting widths and make light work of material up to 50mm thick. Designed for professionals, the Euro series can tackle grass, bushes and maize stubble giving it a versatility that is much sought after by large-scale farmers, contractors, and local government teams. Created to thrive on a busy workload, the...

  • Arable Machinery

  • McConnel - Seedaerator

    McConnel - Seedaerator

    The McConnel Seedaerator delivers single-pass drilling straight into previous crop residues - saving time, money and fuel, while maintaining crop yields in even the most challenging weather and soil conditions. By cultivating only the seeding zone, the Seedaerator ensures the adjoining soil structure is left undisturbed and crop residue remains on the surface. This creates the perfect conditions for a living biotic soil to thrive and delivers...

  • McConnel - Model 7400 - Rakaerator

    McConnel - Model 7400 - Rakaerator

    Featuring a 7.4m working width; three-point linkage (CAT II and CAT III); and fast, effective hydraulic folding for safe transport, the RAKAERATOR has been created for farmers and contractors as the perfect complement for McConnel’s new low-disturbance SEEDAERATOR drill. With its low horsepower requirements, wide working width and a working speed of up to 25 km/h, the Rakaerator is one of the most productive rakes on the market.

  • Grassland Machinery

  • McConnel - Spring Harrow Rakes

    McConnel - Spring Harrow Rakes

    For better organic farming, the Spring Tine Harrow will rejuvenate pasture; scatter manure; clear out moss, thatch and weeds; and aerate field crops, weeds and fine tills. Available in four different working widths from 3.00m to 6.00m, the harrows boast a contour-following floatation system, are equipped with up to 252 8mm tines, and feature easy to adjust tine angles and working heights.

  • Grassland and Arable Subsoilers

    Grassland and Arable Subsoilers

    Cost effective subsoil solutions,Twose Classic Line grassland and arable subsoilers are invaluable tools in soil conditioning and have been specially designed to relieve compaction, aid drainage, and deliver an improved crop yield. Available in 2.50m and 3.00m working widths, the new subsoilers come in two, three or five leg configurations. Top of the range models featurehydraulic auto-reset legs and can be specified with discs. Arable and grassland...

  • Material Handling

  • McConnel - Bale Handlers

    McConnel - Bale Handlers

    Whether you’re looking for a round or square bale handler, Twose has the ideal solution for you. Made from super-strength steel, the bale handlers are simple to use and are available with or without Euro 8 brackets. A choice of 10 different models is available with larger models offering adjustable arms and grabs for extra manoeuvrability

  • McConnel - Model CG - Cutter Grabs

    McConnel - Model CG - Cutter Grabs

    With powerful hydraulic rams, wide jaws and razor-sharp cutting blades, Twose Cutter Grabs have an impressive ‘bite’ that allow you to tackle silage quickly and effectively