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  • Insect Net Systems

  • Side Netting

    Side Netting

    More and more growers choose for conditioned cultivation in a (semi) closed greenhouse. In such cases the ventilation is adjusted by the ventilation windows in the sides of the greenhouse. In these sidewalls insect netting is essential. This side netting can be applied in many different ways.

  • Other Products

  • Fixed Netting

    Fixed Netting

    Delivery and installation of fixed netting is also a possibility. For example Holland Gaas installed a nearly invisibly fixed netting at 'De Orchideeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest, what aims at keeping the butterflies within a certain space. The vents are provided with insect netting in order to keep out undesirable insects.

  • Flower Mats

    Flower Mats

    Holland Gaas now has the possibility of tailoring flower mats. The mats can be used for bundeling and transporting your flowers. We can make them on any requested size. The durable, excellent ventilating material is often provided with sail rings and special fastener applications, which can be tailored to your specifications.

  • Transparent Rollerscreens

    Transparent Rollerscreens

    Holland Gaas delivers and/or mounts transparent rollerscreens. The screens exist of thick, clear, high-quality foil, which is tailored on our stitchingmachines. The screens operate like a 'twinroller system' driven by a Ridder tubular motor.

  • Netting Cages

    Netting Cages

    Holland Gaas also supplies netting cages. These cages are used in areas within a department that must be free of insects/trips. The cages are custom made and (if necessary) with doors and lock chambers.