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  • RapidSCAN  - Model CS-45 - Handheld Crop Sensor

    RapidSCAN - Model CS-45 - Handheld Crop Sensor

    The RapidSCAN CS-45 represents the latest advancement in active crop canopy sensing solutions. The RapidSCAN CS-45 is a completely self-contained active crop canopy sensor that integrates a data logger, graphical display, GPS, crop sensor and power source into one, small compact instrument. The sensor is unaffected by ambient illumination allowing it to take accurate biomass measurements day or night due to its internal polychromatic light source. The...

  • Crop Circle Handheld System

    Crop Circle Handheld System

    The Crop Circle Handheld System integrates our popular Crop Circle sensors, GeoSCOUT GLS-400 and our new FieldPAK PS-12 into a single, portable and easy-to-use scouting instrument. The Crop Circle Handheld System is ideal for plot work, field mapping and crop scouting. While weighing less than 8 lbs., the Crop Circle Handheld System is easy-to-handle and its light weight reduces user fatigue that is associated with similar, bulkier...

  • Crop Circle Mapping System

    Crop Circle Mapping System

    The Crop Circle Mapping System is a useful tool for collecting plant biomass or soil data in real-time. Crop Circle Mapping Systems can be mounted to virtually any type of vehicle. Data collected by the system can provide useful information related to plant health, vigor and spatial variability. The system utilizes GeoSCOUT GLS-400 datalogger to collect and georeference data from a multi-sensor array of Holland Scientific Crop Circle crop canopy...

  • Crop Circle Mapping/VRT System

    Crop Circle Mapping/VRT System

    Holland Scientific is pleased to introduce a new method for performing in-season N application. The Holland Scientific method no longer utilizes the high N reference strip concept that older VRT technologies implement. Our method allows our crop sensors to “auto calibrate” to crop growing conditions. The result of this real-time calibration is what we call the Virtual Reference StripTM (VRS). VRS technology is not limited only to...