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  • Water & Hydroponics Service

    Water & Hydroponics Service

    Water testing is usually done to establish the source of some nutritional anomaly in the plant root / soil relationship. Continuous use of a poor quality water source may have extremely detrimental effects on plant health and / or soil structure. The range of water analysis conducted by Hortus Technical Services allows for a complete picture to be established between the soil, plant and water relationship. From analysing the suitability of your...

  • Pest & Disease Monitoring

    Pest & Disease Monitoring

    AgPro is a specialised program developed by Hortus Technical Services to deliver professional IPM strategies across a wide variety of crops, pests and growing regions. It enables our certified HORTUS consultants to efficiently monitor pest population locations, thresholds and implement cost effective and environmentally sound pest management strategies. The AgPro app for iphone interfaces with our extensive IPM database to enable monitoring to be done...