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  • Horst Wagons - Model CHC25 - Regular Duty 2 Wheel Steer

    Horst Wagons - Model CHC25 - Regular Duty 2 Wheel Steer

    Universal header mount designed to fit most combine heads. Quick release header mount. Ratchet strap. Adjustable top rail. Tapered roller bearings in main pivot points. Road signal light kit (optional). Retractable automatic relock tongue latch.

  • Deluxe ModAuger - Modular Auger

    Deluxe ModAuger - Modular Auger

    The Modular Auger features a strong reliable design. It will out last other augers many times over. Will meet your load out auger needs for years to come. Extra heavy tube and flighting with 3/8' thick starter flighting. Start and stop auger from inside or outside of bin. Slim fit bottom end will fit where an 8' auger will Quick removable intake guard. Long bottom end to reach into your big bins.

  • 3in1 Feeders

    3in1 Feeders

    After many years of raising goats, and now sheep, one of our goals has been to find an effective livestock feeder. We have found the 3in1feeder from Advantage Feeders to be an excellent way of self-rationing goat and sheep feed. Huber Ag Equipment is excited to be able to sell these cattle, goat and sheep feeders in Canada and the US. Please hit the link in the sidebar for the new 3in1feeder site for a whole lot more detail. Huber Ag Equipment is the...

  • E-Kay Enterprises

    E-Kay Enterprises

    Huber Ag Equipment is a dealer for E-Kay Enterprises. E-Kay Enterprises are a quality manufacturer of Augers, Auger Accessories, Crop Dividers, Crop Lifters

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  • E-Kay - Crop Divider

    E-Kay - Crop Divider

    Fifteen Years on the Market.  Rugged, Lightweight, Adjustable. Our Fast Attach. Pocket mount enables a single operator to install in minutes. Obstruction free Pocket Mounts are concealed behind the cone to avoid additional contact with crop, maximizing performance.  Spring loaded pivoting Nose Cone trips over obstacles such as wash outs, lodged materials, and road crossings. Sleek and attractive Polyethylene Nose Cone design that compliments...

  • Grain Augers

  • E-Kay - Model XTL1040 - Belt Drive Auger

    E-Kay - Model XTL1040 - Belt Drive Auger

    10' Heavy-wall Tubing, 3/8” Intake Flighting, 1/4' Stretched Flighting Assembly, #80 Chain Drive on Flighting Shaft, E-Kay Slim Fit Intake End, Hydraulic Scissor Lift on Discharge End, Dependable Kohler 34 HP - 40 HP Engine

  • Grain Handling

  • E-Kay - Auger Mover

    E-Kay - Auger Mover

    Heavy duty, #50 double chain drive with positive spring pin engagement ensures traction in mud and snow. Removable Castor Wheel reduces weight on Auger Tube when towing. Unique sleek design eliminates obstructions entering bin. Easy access between posts on hopper bottom bins. Variable speed control enhances safety in all functions. ser-friendly Pedestal is operational in both directions for easier handling.Winch drive package Steel oil tank with...

  • Hydra - Sweep Auger

    Hydra - Sweep Auger

    onvertible: use as a standard sweep or center unload. Movable: can be easily moved from one bin to another. Expandable: extensions available to fit any bin. Light weight: total weight including hydraulic motor is 90 lbs.

  • ScissorLifts - Biggest Bins Auger

    ScissorLifts - Biggest Bins Auger

    Reach the bottom of your in-ground hoppers. NO Obstructions from the Intake End to the Gear box, giving you TOTAL REACH into your biggest bins and In-ground Hoppers. Longest reach in the industry, with a Meridian Auger and E-Kay’s Mover. Available for Meridian 33 ft, 39 ft, and 46 ft series Augers.

  • Slim Lift Auger

    Slim Lift Auger

    Enables a 10” auger to fit where an 8” will. Remove safety screen guard to enter bin, replace when using sweep. Bushing easily replaceable by unbolting removable ring on the end.  Slim Fit includes Build-In Hydra Sweep Mounting Receiver. Use any sweep with our Motor Pivot Crank Bracket and Porta-Bar Mount for simplified Bin Clean out.