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  • Small Trailers

  • Model 12T - Small Trailer

    Model 12T - Small Trailer

    Humus 7T, 9T and 12T small dump trailers are multifunctional and particularly durable. The Humus trailers have been built and adapted for use of professional farmers and construction companies. Trailers are used at simple farm tasks as well as at various construction sites.

  • Bale Trailers

  • Model 12PH - Bale Trailer

    Model 12PH - Bale Trailer

    The advantage of the Humus platform trailer compared to other trailers is its universal application. While the Humus bale carrier is intended only for the transport of straw, hay and silo bales, the Humus platform trailer can transport all of this and also anything else that can be loaded onto the trailer.

  • Model 12BC - Bale Trailer

    Model 12BC - Bale Trailer

    The self-loading Humus bale carrier takes work to a new level. The hydraulic grapple lifts straw, hay or silo bales on the trailer during the drive, so that the tractor does not need to stop. The operator does not need to perform complicated maneuvers and there is also no need for a frontal loader. This solution helps to save time and fuel and is up to 6 times more efficient compared to traditional methods and a platform trailer.

  • Animal Trailers

  • Model 6L - Livestock Trailers

    Model 6L - Livestock Trailers

    The Humus livestock trailers are developed and constructed with the help and feedback from professional livestock farmers. The constant and organized communication between the product development team and cattle farmers has resulted in high-quality, outstanding livestock trailers.