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  • Model HC1X - HY-CRACK

    Model HC1X - HY-CRACK

    The output from the HY-CRACK has to be seen to be believed. One push on the log and HY-CRACK does the rest. PTO Driven linkage mounted. Fits most tractors. Robust welded steel construction Hardened steel splitting screw. Replaceable tip on screw. Replaceable alloy wedge. Torque overload protection. HC1X/W suitable for logs up to 60cm (24') long x 75cm (30') diameter. HC2X for logs up to one metre (40') in length and diameter.

  • Model HC2X  - HY-CRACK

    Model HC2X - HY-CRACK

    Heavy duty model for contractors Firewood merchants and Estate use with larger platform and screw for splitting wide and heavy logs. The wider,deeper,uninterupted working area and larger screw size facilitates the splitting and handling of large and heavy logs.The platform can be lowered to load then raised to bench height.

  • Model HC1XE - HY-CRACK

    Model HC1XE - HY-CRACK

    HC1XE Electrically powered screw type log splitter . Can be supplied without motor or switchgear , other options -- single phase 3kw motor or three phase 5.5kw motor .

  • Model HP-225 - Straining Post Pointer

    Model HP-225 - Straining Post Pointer

    A feature of the HP-225 is that the machine can be adjusted to three alternative point angles. Maximum capacity setting has a face angle of 16 degrees to the post axis and a blunted end of approx. 3 cm square (1.25' square). Maximum post diameter is 25cm (10').

  • Saw Head Attachment

    Saw Head Attachment

    Hydrocut Limited can offer a variety of saw head attachments to fit most makes of hedge cutters. Flails and cutter bars are also available.