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  • Grass pick-up

  • IDASS - Rigid GE pick-Up

    IDASS - Rigid GE pick-Up

    Teethed bars and crop compressor : Large diameter paddle auger with long, curved teethed bars, with ideal spacing of 75 mm. Adjustable crop compressor with goose neck curved teeth, optimising feed flow to the chopper of the forage harvester. Metal wheel : 2 metal wheels under the pick-up + 2 adjustable end pads; ideal for ground-contour tracking. Intake auger : Large diameter floating intake auger with double supports and anti-jamming float. Drive...

  • Silopress

  • IDASS - Model EVO-Hydro - Silopress

    IDASS - Model EVO-Hydro - Silopress

    Ideal for large farms, Cuma (farming cooperatives) and E.T.A. (farms), the Idass EVO-HYDRO silopress provides users with a complete service for breeders (harvesting, transformation and storage), allows harvesting to be started earlier in the season and can save sprouted cereal crops.

  • Belt Pick-Up Combine Harvester

  • Belt Pick-Up Combine Harvester

    Belt Pick-Up Combine Harvester

    Harvesting belt:The harvesting belt comprises 6 or 10 belts with a working width of 3.30 m and 5.40 m respectively. Each harvesting belt is equipped with 36 springs over 9 rows. The belt support wheels are adjustable and swivelling. The speed of the harvesting belt can be controlled from the cab.