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  • Greenhouses

  • Venlo - Alternating Vents Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo - Alternating Vents Venlo Greenhouse

    The Venlo greenhouse, with Alternating Vents, is the world's best-selling glasshouse, the structure has had continuous updates and improvements. In its factory in Mantova Idroterm Serre was the first and only Italian company to develop and manufacture the “Venlo roof system”. Some of the reasons of its popularity: the Venlo structure is economic, bright and extremely versatile.

  • Continuous Vents Venlo Greenhouse

    Continuous Vents Venlo Greenhouse

    The Venlo greenhouse, with Continuous Vents is the evolution of Venlo with alternating vents. Idroterm Serre developed Venlo system with double continuous venting, in order to respond to a demand for greenhouses with high ventilation on the Italian and Mediterranean market. This roof system generates up to 62,5% ventilation, the structures are designed and calculated according to: UNI EN...

  • Airlux Widespan - Greenhouses

    Airlux Widespan - Greenhouses

    The Airlux greenhouse is our wide-span system. With this structure largely installed in all Italy Idroterm Serre gained a vast experience therefore can offer you the highest standards of engineering, design and material quality. Ventilation is guaranteed by large vents (opening up to 60°) and by sidewall vents (opening up to 45°). The structures are designed and calculated according to UNI EN...

  • Poly Greenhouses

  • Polyair - Poly Greenhouses

    Polyair - Poly Greenhouses

    Idroterm Serre produces tunnels for horticulture, floriculture, agriculture, strawberries: Tunnels, Straight-side tunnels, Greenhouses with plastic cover, Greenhouses with polycarbonate cover.

  • Systems

  • Water Stations

    Water Stations

    The Idroterm water stations with flow-reflow system,  allow the full recovery and storage of irrigation water, enabling the grower to reuse the waste water of fertilization and prevent pollution of groundwater.

  • Model IDRO-X - Fertigation Stations

    Model IDRO-X - Fertigation Stations

    As all Idroterm’s systems, the fertigation machines IDRO-X are designed and manufactured to suit the grower’s needs. In order to guarantee the machine quality and a higher resistance, we had used the best technologies. This flexible, powerful and simple to use system is designed by our technical Office. IDRO-X can be combined with your programmer or can control directly up to 160 solenoids...