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  • Tree Puller

    Tree Puller

    Easily removes trees up to 15 cm trunk diameter. Removes concrete columns (Additional special rubber protection). Grapple clamps can also optionally be installed on Ilmer K2-D und Eco fork-lift trucks.

  • Flail Mowers

  • Model LMG - Flail Mower

    Model LMG - Flail Mower

    Can be mounted on both sides. Two movable blades in the main unit. Linear, continuous and separate cut width adjustment.

  • Forklift Truck

  • Grape Container

    Grape Container

    The container for grapes can be mounted on any Ilmer forklift in the K2-D and ECO series with a few simple steps. It is the ideal accessory for viticulture and allows for fast and effortless harvesting, safe transportation and impeccable unloading of your harvest. The sophisticated stainless steel tank requires very little maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The hydraulic tipping unloading device is also easily controlled from the tractor.