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  • Tri-Shield - First Defense for Scours

    Tri-Shield - First Defense for Scours

    First Defense Tri-Shield, approved by the USDA in November 2017, combines the E. coli and coronavirus antibodies contained in First Defense, with rotavirus antibody content to produce the only product on the market with trivalent protection against three of the leading pathogens that lead to calf scouring. Preventing scours in newborn calves reduces the need to use treatment antibiotics later in life. This new product will be available in a...

  • California Mastitis Test Kit (CMT)

    California Mastitis Test Kit (CMT)

    The CMT (California Mastitis Test) is a rapid cow-side test for early detection of mastitis, and for years has been a trusted tool of dairy producers. ImmuCell’s CMT offers the same ease-of-use and accuracy as other brands, but at a lower cost per test. That alone is intelligent mastitis management. But what really makes the ImmuCell CMT brand different is that we seek and provide ideas for...