Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO)

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  • IFFCO - Urea

    IFFCO - Urea

    IFFCO's Urea is not merely a source of 46% of nutrient nitrogen for crops, but it is an integral part of millions of farmers in India. A bag of IFFCO's urea is a constant source of confidence and is a trusted companion for Indian farmer. When farmers buy IFFCO's urea, they know that what they get is not just a product but a complete package of services, ably supported by a dedicated team of qualified personnel. More importantly, they are aware that it...



    As far as Indian farmer is concerned, IFFCO's NPK/DAP is not just a source of crucial nutrients N, P, K for the crops, but is an integral part of his/her quest for nurturing mother earth. The bountiful crop that results from this care is an enough reason for the graceful bags of IFFCO NPK/DAP bags to be an integral part of the farmers' family. The two grades of NPK produced by IFFCO, 10:26:26 and 12:32:16, indicating the content of N, P, K proportion,...