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  • Farming Products

  • Potting Electromechanical Machine

    Potting Electromechanical Machine

    PLC controlled electromechanical Packer. Structure for peat tanks (ground) in galvanized 30/10. Large Storeroom cup dispenser. Powerful compressor allowing soil compaction especially in vessels. Possibility of extraction of vessels on three sides of the packaging. Automatically dispenses fertilizer granule. Electric control panel with possibility of exclusion of unwanted features.

  • Aromas Cutter

    Aromas Cutter

    1500 mm width of cut or based on customer needs. Height regolable. 0.90 V Power consumption 380 Kw Trifasic.

  • Special Products

  • Special Systems

    Special Systems

    We design and make machines where based on the specific needs of each client, as an example plant ecological fertilizer production in the region of Aosta, Italy.

  • Automatic Filling System

    Automatic Filling System

    This plant, commissioned in 2010, is the second built by the company Ingauna Steam Srl. Due to its multiple advantages more and more end users, consumers of soil, using big ball and, with this automated system, you are assured of always having a precise amount of product inside, thanks to an electronic volume control.

  • Establishment Mixing Potting Soil Machine

    Establishment Mixing Potting Soil Machine

    The plant, commissioned in 2004 by the client was made entirely from our company. The peculiarity of this system is the realization of ' measure' , according to the production needs and space . is made up of 6 large hoppers for the main components of the product, and other smaller 7 for the fertilizers added. The framework is operated by a control panel that requires the use of a single operator. And controlled by a PLC with which you can create...