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  • Electrical & Manual Cream Separator

    Electrical & Manual Cream Separator

    Manual Cream Separator with 60 ltr./h. Capacity is the hand driven cream separator machine that comes with dynamically balanced separation bowl. With the available tank capacity comprising 8 Litres, these separators are highly suitable for use in domestic and small farms. Featuring AISI 304 Grade stainless steel construction, these dynamically balanced milk separation bowls with 7 working discs allow efficient creaming and skimming of milk. Further,...

  • Bulk Milk Cooler

    Bulk Milk Cooler

    Circular Bulk Milk Cooler find extensive usage in cooling milk at collection point and also at the same time also helping in maintaining the quality of the milk being offered. These are hygienic in terms of finish and can be made available in different size options as well as in configurations including indirect cooling using chiller water, direct expansion and others. Here, we also ensure that these are developed as per ISO specifications adopted and...