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  • Freedom Mount - Model FM-540  - Front-End Loaders

    Freedom Mount - Model FM-540 - Front-End Loaders

    The FM-540 is a step up from the popular TA-26 loader series with added strength, modern features and 13' lift height. The patented triple force arms, lineless hydraulic system, Freedom Mount™ bucket, Hydra-Snap™ hydraulic manifolds, rotational indicators and big grease-from-the-end pins allow for exceptional performance on today's powerful front-wheel assist tractors. Ideal for tractors with large front tires.

  • Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    Hydraulic Dump Spreader

    The patented Dump Spreader has a simple design concept that makes it the obvious solution when hauling and spreading liquid or semi-liquid materials, especially in colder climates and for dairy farmers that use sand bedding. There are no internal components in this spreader to wear out.