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  • Horticulture & Greenhouse Recirculation Fans

  • Poly Chiller - Drum Fans

    Poly Chiller - Drum Fans

    The Poly Chiller from J&D Manufacturing is an efficient air circulator with gold medal performance. The heavy duty motor mount is connected directly to the multi-positional hanging bracket, meaning the poly housing is not part of the support structure and will not distort like other poly fans.

  • Environmental Controls & Thermostats

  • Model VC109 - Two Stage Moisture Proof Thermostat

    Model VC109 - Two Stage Moisture Proof Thermostat

    The VC109 from J&D Manufacturing is a durable, dual stage thermostat that is ideal for greenhouses, animal confinement buildings, walk-in coolers, freezers, garages, warehouses and any other application requiring a weatherproof mechanical thermostat.

  • Agriculture- Dairy Recirculation Fans

  • Panel Fans

    Panel Fans

    J&D Manufacturing’s Panel Fan has a rugged X-frame mount with an efficient motor, and a powerful balanced blade that is designed to create air velocity. The cushion-mounted, maintenance-free bearings and heavy duty automatic belt tensioning device make this fan one of the highest performing, lowest maintenance, greatest valued fans on the market!