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  • Potting Machines

  • Standard - Potting Machines

    Standard - Potting Machines

    The most common potting machine with a large working space, for almost all cultures and a variety of soil mixes. Suitable for round and square pots from 5-25cm. It is also possible to use this machine with bag holders.

  • Ecobasic - Potting Machines

    Ecobasic - Potting Machines

    This small, strong potting machine is a workhorse suitable for pots from 8-21cm. The fast, easy central adjustment allows for quick, perfect changes between pot sizes. The Ecobasic is technically advanced and extremely mobile, allowing for easy relocation.

  • Standard  - Model SE - Solid Potting Machines

    Standard - Model SE - Solid Potting Machines

    A solid potting machine, in principle the same as the Javo Standard. The Special Elevator is very suitable for heavy and moist soil types. This machine is suitable for round and square pots from 5-25cm.

  • Tray Automation

  • Excellent - Tray Automation System

    Excellent - Tray Automation System

    A perfect solution for automatic dispensing of a variety of trays. Innovative techniques guarantee a quiet and smooth operation. The machine is virtually soundless and the standard protection shields guarantee maximum safety.

  • Robot Systems

  • Compact Linear Robot Systems

    Compact Linear Robot Systems

    This Javo 'Compact' is a robot with a unique pick up and placing system. Even with plants higher than 1 mtr (3' 4'), a high production capacity can be achieved. The robot in combination with plant carriers can be integrated with any container system. The Javo 'Compact' is a linear robot which, among other things, is suitable for automatic pick up and accurate placing of high and top heavy potted plants into plant carriers.

  • Conventional Robot Systems

    Conventional Robot Systems

    An universal placing and pick up robot, suitable for virtually any operation. Javo has a complete program concerning robots for pick up or placing potted plants. The robots, in combination with logistic systems, offer high labor savings and can handle small as well as large plants and trees. With the robot, Javo offers a solution for automatic plant handling. It is a solidly built machine with durable techniques. A smooth motion with...