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  • Agricultural Tipping Trailer

  • Model EVII - Agricultural Tipping Trailers with Drop Sides

    Model EVII - Agricultural Tipping Trailers with Drop Sides

    The EVII tipping trailer is multi-functional and suited for all types of products and situations. It is an ideal vehicle to transport limited weights of cereals, straw, earth, wood chips,...  Finally, thanks to its low centre of gravity, it is perfect for various small works, territorial communities or in arboriculture and viticulture. Standard description:manufacturing in special steel, 4 mm body floor, hydraulic braking system, oil-fed...

  • Muck Spreader

  • Model HVS - Muck Spreader

    Model HVS - Muck Spreader

    This multi-functional lowered spreader with narrow body allows a high loading capacity in order to maximize each transport. If offers a very good stability as well as an optimal safety when working thanks to the balance of the body on the axle and its excellent road holding capacities, which are ensured by the very low centre of gravity, even on mountainous or steep grounds. Standard description:2 vertical beaters with regular spirals with...

  • Evolufarm - Muck Spreader

    Evolufarm - Muck Spreader

    The EVOLUFARM is a muck spreader with double axle and wide body with a 14 m³ loading capacity. Thanks to its large-diameter lower discs and its body that can be transformed in a harvest trailer, it falls under the category of the multi-functional muck spreaders. Finally, its standardized design and manufacturing combine quality and attractive price.

  • Livestock Trailer

  • Trimax - Model P - Livestock Trailer

    Trimax - Model P - Livestock Trailer

    The new TRIMAX-P evolution forms a wide range of livestock trailers from 5.25 to 10.05 m that differ from the reclining version by the use of a ramp. This ramp is designed to have a very small loading and unloading angle, in order to reduce the risks when handling the livestock, and is standard fitted with a return spring for an easy lifting, which can be replaced, as an option, by a hydraulic ram to avoid any effort.